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Why is Energy Star Important?

If Energy Star Is So Terrible, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

I couldn’t believe my eye’s when I saw the headline that President Trump wants to cut the Energy Star program. Energy Star has worked for the past 22 years saving over $ 300 billion on utility bills, reducing greenhouse gases more than 2.4 metric tons. Energy Star is the force behind energy efficiency. Did you know that 1.6 million homes 25,000 buildings are Energy Star Certified? And over ninety percent of households believe in the Energy Star Program. It is on everyone’s mind to save energy and protect the environment.

They (Energy Star) have seventy categories of products that they test. Categories are ranging from LED light bulbs, appliances, water heaters, etc. A third-party certification process that test products for performance and energy efficiency. Only after the products pass the rigorous testing are they rewarded with the Energy Star Badge.

Who Uses Energy Star?

Everyone who wants to educate themselves about products manufactured to the highest standards they want to buy.

The Energy Star Program is an all-encompassing resource. Advice and information guide about and for energy efficiency. And the assurance that the product you’re buying is the best just by noticing the Energy Star Badge on the product or box.

Energy Star saves energy, protects the environment and impacts us every day because of their high standards. And is the most successful voluntary energy efficiency movement in history.



So you have to ask yourself? Why does President Trump want to kill this Program?

The Federal government spends four trillion dollars a year. And one of the U.S. Government’s departments the EPA’s operates Energy Star. Energy Star’s budget is 50-60 million dollars of the four trillion dollars.

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Energy Star saves businesses and consumers 34 billion in energy dollars. We have all seen the Energy Star Badge on products and goods. Without further investigation, we know just by a glance of the Blue Badge that the product passed the most rigorous tests.

Tests that assure us that the product is energy efficient and of the highest-quality. And the products rewarded display the Energy Star Badge proudly.

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Proof That Energy Star Works

An idea conceived in 1992 when Republican President George H. W. Bush’s Administration reigned. President Bush thought it was a good idea for the country why doesn’t President Trump?

Since President Trump’s election, he has dropped out of the Paris Agreement. Relaxed all pollution regulations for the environment. Claiming that this is going to create jobs.

Energy Star resonates hundreds of business and consumer success stories. It is a valuable resource for information. It is the best return on tax dollars used by the U.S. Government.

Energy Star guidelines are all voluntary. By taking advantage of the directives, you help yourself the country as well as the environment. Is the task of creating employment worth losing Energy Star?

sniper cross hairsWell, the proposed 2018 Budget has the EPA and Energy Star in the crosshairs. The Administration is proposing to cut EPA and the resource Energy Star that businesses and consumers depend on every day.

Energy Star saves you time, money, and the environment. Why in the world would the Administration want to do away with something that works so well?

I can only imagine how much ground we would lose if the Trump Administration eliminates this program.

What would be our excuse we would use to explain why we did this? How can we say that cutting Energy Star was the answer? Can we say that this strategy is indeed Making America Great Again? 

do LEDs save energy logoMore jobs, but the trade-off will be damaging to our environment. Don’t you agree?

What are your thoughts? Do you think we should eliminate Energy Star?



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2 replies on “Why is Energy Star Important?”

Hello, Courtney, Energy Star promotes many programs geared to residential home owners and businesses. An example would be free energy audits from your local utility company.  Local utility companies work in harmony with the Dept. of Energy educating consumers about energy efficiency. My local utility company hires college students to perform the independent audits during their summer breaks. Your energy audit is only a phone call away. 



Wow. I had no idea the Energy Star Project had such staggering numbers. It is unfortunate that the livelihood of the project is uncertain. Hopefully the public will continually grow more and more aware of the benefits and work projects like these have accomplished regardless! What other energy saving project are your familiar with?

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