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Using 7 Interior Lighting Ideas Strategies Like The Pros

light emitting diodeThomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb in 1879. Since then, we have seen the light bulb evolve into what it is today. An energy efficient light-emitting-diode. LEDs offer fascinating ways to utilize the best interior lighting ideas.

This evolution is due to the Department of Energy’s enacting the energy efficient standards of 2007. Edison’s incandescent light bulb had superb illumination but was extremely energy inefficient.

Incandescent light bulbs were the first on the Department of Energy’s hit list to phase out. And soon manufacturers were left with the task of meeting the new efficiency standards.

incandescent light bulb

Since 2007, we have seen LEDs look and act like the traditional bulbs of yesteryear. Except, LEDs are 90 percent more efficient and will last years longer than the first incandescent.

First seen at the marketplace LEDs were expensive and were not well-received. Consumers loved the idea that LEDs saved energy and money. But, couldn’t justify buying them because of the length of payback time.

Today, the price of LEDs is more in line with the old traditional light bulbs of old. Making LEDs more affordable and attractive for the consumer to invest their hard-earned money.

And why not? LEDs will last for decades, are energy efficient, and will pay for themselves in a matter of months, instead of in years. Making LED light bulbs the best choice for interior lighting for our homes.

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Manufacturers design LEDs to set any ambiance for your home. LEDs come in an array of color temperatures Soft White, Bright White, and Cool White. Kelvin is the measurement of whiter color temperature. And Lumens is the brightness of the bulb.

Know that LEDs won’t look like Edison’s incandescent light bulb. Though, you might be surprised to know that there are LEDs that mimic the traditional filament light bulb.
[insert filament bulb]

Today’s market offers a LED light bulb to fit your interior design tastes. LEDs come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to meet your creative appetite.

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Specific LED light bulbs are smart. Meaning, they are controlled by your smart devices to change color, stream music, or turn off and on by an app. Can you imagine the possibilities?

A 60-watt A-19 LED equivalent hybrid light bulb is only consuming 10-watts of energy, emitting 850 lumens. Specific LEDs work with dimmer switches. With lifespans of 25,000 hours use.

Also, with the feature of color rendering index (CRI). The CRI factor is a measurement from 0-100. A LED that has a CRI factor of 85+ reflects color truer. The benefits of CRI is skin tones, works of art, and everything the light touches looks dazzling.

A considerable amount of homeowners are converting to LEDs. The reason is that they want to take full advantage of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology.

Of course, the problem with LED light bulbs is the initial cost, but if you're in for the long haul. LEDs are the smart choice for consumers for all their unique lighting designs.

Comparing LEDs to the traditional incandescent light bulbs that consume more energy and need replacement every couple of years. Also, compact fluorescent lights contain mercury which is a health hazard and impacts the environment.


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What Are Experts Saying About 2018 Interior Lighting

As technology changes so do the lighting designs for your home. With each generation preferences and palates change for lighting. So manufacturers work and research to accommodate these changes. Incorporating innovative lighting designs.

Bringing us light fixture designs that encompass, Vintage lighting, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern just to name a few. Here are several trends are worth taking a look.

Edison Vintage Style Light Bulbs

Edison vintage LED light bulbs to have a way of connecting us with the past without forfeiting energy efficiency. Edison bulbs are a great way to introduce a Retro look to a room.

Creating the atmosphere of being at grandma's house, inspiring a warm and cozy feeling. Homeowners are falling in love with the nostalgic look of these light fixtures.

Embracing the Soft Gold Finish

The popularity of soft colors lately like greige. If you're not familiar with the color greige, and it looks like oatmeal. It's grey and beige mixed together. When it is darker, the color term is bray, or brown and grey.

Along with these two favorite colors, Soft Gold is gaining acceptance as contemporary decor. Soft Gold sandwiches itself between brushed silver and brushed gold. Soft Gold subtly uses the two complexions, while giving the feeling of warm and cozy.

Soft Gold is a color that will complement and blend with any modern urban or large house decor'. You will find Soft Gold light fixtures to attract attention to specific areas of a room. Or to draw attention to corner areas.

Retro and Industrial Decor

Today the term of choice for Retro style is "upgraded industrial" or modern retro. Industrial is about rustic finishes, neutral colors and leaning more towards the metal finishes.

Upgraded industrial is polished, satin, and shiny metals with different emphasis and alternative designs. They take on the look of works of art.

Use modern retro light fixtures to build a unique look to the room. Retro light fixtures complement kitchen, dining work areas as well as wall lighting. It's updated look; balances perfectly with the 21st-century decor.

Mid-Century and Art Deco

Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern have always been a go-to decor. It has a lineage that spans from the 1920s to 1970s. With its attention to clean lines, exclusive designs and art forms. Art Deco lighting fixates on nice sharp edges and geometric architectures. Mid-Century modern lighting leans to natural shapes, function, and styles.

Art Deco is dramatic style lighting. Use Art Deco fixtures are the perfect addition to robust geometric designs. And the Mid-Century style of illumination is more informal and laid back. These two forms of decor were almost impossible to find some years ago. Now Art Deco and Mid-Century are less stressful to locate.

modern chandelier

Modern decor

Modern Decor focuses on simple, clean designs. Extravagant ornamentation is falling from grace. The ornate metalwork usually found with older traditional lighting fixtures. These types of accessories don't always blend or balance the modern decor.

Home interiors are leaning toward simpler cleaner designs for 2018. One's that homeowners seem to favor light fixtures with simple geometries, softer colors rather than the fanciful decor.

Using modern decor in spaces, you wish to make a daring, audacious statement. An example would be an overhead light or a floor lamp to accentuate a room.

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Taking Advantage of LED Lights

As discussed earlier, LED light bulbs are manufactured to be energy efficient, come in multi-colors, brightnesses, and shapes. Compared to other comparable light bulbs LEDs are more expensive initially.

As the new technology evolves, prices are dropping year after year. Making LED bulbs more affordable with a faster payback time. As the price drops, homeowners are replacing inefficient light bulbs with the energy efficient LED bulbs.

Homeowners Love Massive Light Fixtures

There are specific areas in the home where homeowners want to attract attention. Many large light fixtures come in an array of ornate designs. The homeowner can create focal points, hub spots if you will with these accessories.

Beware though; large light fixtures require extra upkeep. So keep in mind when using these high point lights that you maintain balance with smaller light fixtures in the home, for the attention you are after.

dining room led lighting


The most fabulous home decor is the decor that fits your home and personal style. It's about adding great visuals and aesthetics. Each room has a specific character and selecting elaborate or straightforward designs should bring harmony and symmetry. Your lighting sets the mood and draws your guests to feel welcome, warm and cozy.

The trends mentioned above are only home interior lighting ideas to offer a baseline for getting started in your home. The coming year of 2018 is going to be quite exciting for all of us.



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Hello, Shierly, 

I am happy that the information I shared helped you gain a better understanding of LED light bulbs. 

If I can be of further assistance please contact me.


Hi! Kevin,
I learned a lot on your article about LED Light Bulbs. It’s interesting to know about the color temperatures , about Kelvin and Lumens.You just showed me what kind of lighting designs to choose for my interior Lightning for my home,although LEDs are quite expensive but it’s efficiency and environmentally friendly. It is where you can take part of conserving and saving energy.Thanks for the knowledge…

All the Best!

Hello, Madeleine, You are absolutely correct about the special handling of fluorescent lighting. A broken CFL can have hazardous results not only for the environment but for family members as well. CFL’s need to be disposed of properly. 

If I can be of any further assistance don’t hesitate to contact me.


Very informative article on LEDs. We have been slowly but surely, changing out all our bulbs for LEDs. Before the LEDs, the consumer was being pushed to buy those ‘swirly looking’ CFL bulbs, which I understand have mercury in them. We still have many of those bulbs around and have to be so careful when they get broken, in how we handle them! LED is so much safer! Looking around our home, I realized the other day, that some of our light fixtures are woefully out of ‘vogue’ and just darn ugly! I love that round globe (Varaluz) you have featured on your post, very attractive.

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