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Top 3 Under Cabinet Lighting Designs

Learn Everything About Under Cabinet Lighting

Did you know that increasing your home value can be as easy as installing under the cabinet lighting? You might already know that kitchen renovation is a great place to start improving your homes property value. Though, it can become an extremely costly renovation.

Of course when you can’t afford to renovate your kitchen but still want to make your kitchen “POP!” What are your alternatives?

One alternative is to add additional shelving. The other is installing under the cabinet lighting. The plus side of these two upgrades is it’s less expensive to do compared to complete remodeling. Also, done right can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen.

The lighting in your kitchen has to work in harmony with the tasks that are taking place there. Having the correct light not only helps when reading a recipe, for stirring a pot but also for cutting up vegetables.

Understanding Under Cabinet Lighting Made Simple

There are many types of under the cabinet lighting.  My best choices would be LEDs, Fluorescents, and Xenon lights. Let’s talk about the first the first choice LED lighting.

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LEDs are the most energy efficient 

First LEDs are the most energy efficient of the three. LEDs consume 25 percent less power than Xenon lights and 50 percent less electricity than fluorescents. Also, LEDs have a long lifespan and require less maintenance for replacing light bulbs. Offering the best benefits over the lifetime of the fixture.

LED fixtures options include capabilities for interconnection for long runs of counter space. Have lower, warmer color temperatures to emphasis vibrant color accents for wood countertops. LED under the cabinet lighting are full lighting fixtures. Compared to LED light bars.

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Another option for cabinet lighting is the LED tape lights. LED tape lights are simple to install, just peel and place in the desired location. An added feature of the LED tape lights is they change colors.

To create several different color atmospheres under your cabinets and on backsplashes. Though a LED lighting strip usually doesn’t fall into the category of under cabinet lighting.

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Benefits of LEDs

LEDs are energy efficient, produce minimal heat, long life, easy installation, dimmable.


LEDs are considerably expensive on the front end, but energy savings will offset the cost due to the lifespan of the fixture.

Fluorescent Lighting

The second is Fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is probably the most prominent lighting found in the kitchen cabinets and pantries.

It is economical and energy efficient and quite suitable for kitchens. Fluorescents use half as much power than xenon lights to produce the same amount of light. Also, fluorescent lighting generates minimal heat.

Fluorescent lighting is superb for task lighting. It does decrease eye strain when overhead lighting isn’t sufficient. There is a drawback to fluorescent light it has low color rendering index which leads to colors being washed out.

Most Fluorescent fixtures are not dimmable but are a fabulous choice compared to other pricey or upscale options.


Energy efficient, long life, some are dimmable. (note check the package)


Expensive contains mercury (hazardous material), specific handling and disposal processes.

Xenon lighting

The third is Xenon lighting. Xenon lights are not energy efficient, give off heat, are not cool to the touch. The heat produced by xenon lights must be taken into consideration when installing under cabinets or food cabinets.

Xenon light is the oldest of the three light technologies. They do have some unique benefits. Xenon lights have dimming capabilities, give off a warm glow. Moreover, has an excellent color rendering index.

Xenon light is white light and makes the colors of countertops like granite, marble, and backsplashes “POP.” The downside is that xenon lights consume more energy than the two other mentioned above under cabinet lighting.

Using Xenon lights near flowers, fruits, and candies will be disastrous. They emit a significant amount of heat, though less than a halogen. And only should be turned on when needed for working under them.

The upside is Xenon lights are a budget-friendly choice for the under the cabinet lighting. Xenon lights are an option when not concerned with energy efficiency or heat.


Bright, warm light, excellent color rendering, better efficiency than incandescent lamps, dimmable


Burns hot, less energy efficient than LEDs and Fluorescents


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Fascinating Under Cabinet Lighting Tactics 

You now have a basic understanding of the lighting choices for your kitchen and pantry. So let’s talk about the style of light fixtures that are available.

Choosing the light fixture style of under the cabinet lighting comes down to personal preferences. Each form distributes illumination of light differently.

For example, Linear light fixtures distribute uniform lumination of light which eliminates shadows. Linear fixture lighting is for utilizing the entire countertop for tasks.

under cabinet lightingWhereas, Puck fixtures focus light in specific task areas. Puck fixtures generate small pools of light on the countertop. Both types of lighting work well, it depends how you want to focus the lighting.

Remember under cabinet lighting is your way of adding more light. For those areas on your countertop that are shadowed by the cabinets from your overhead light fixtures.

Creating the design and ambiance that give the space a feeling of warm and cozy. Or you want a futuristic or contemporary feel to your home.

granite countertopTo accent your backsplash it is recommended to use LEDs or Xenon lights. That has a high color rendering index of 80+ that makes the backsplash colors explode. Also, consider installing Xenon lights over granite countertops that have a color temperature of blue-white light. That helps the colors of the granite come alive.

Why under cabinet lighting Succeeds

Lighting is a way to add the aesthetics of your personality to any room. There are so many options that are available today. Moreover, under cabinet lighting is just one of the choices of efficient uses of light.

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No matter what style of light you plan to utilize. I hope that the above information helps you make an informed decision. For installation of light fixtures that add form and function for those shadowy areas.

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Hello, Jennifer, Your welcome! You will be amazed at the change that under cabinet lighting will make to the room. If I can be of any assistance please contact me.



Thanks so much for this post. We have wanted under cabinet lighting for quite awhile but we have dragged our feet as we are unsure of exactly what will be the right fit for our kitchen. Thank you very much for both your recommendations on Amazon as well as your advice about what to use to accent the backsplash. I greatly appreciate it and it is helpful as we finish our plans!

Hello, Jenelle, I am happy that the information in my article helped. If you have any further questions please contact me. Another suggestion I like to recommend is smart home automation. Home lighting is Best Home Lighting Automation has many benefits for managing the lighting for your home. 

If I can be of any assistance please contact me.



Within the next 2 years we are going to be doing a major renovation on our house, including the kitchen which will be completely redone.

One of the features that we’ll be putting in is under cabinet and task lighting. Thank you for all of the information about the options available, it gives me a great place to start my search!

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