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The Ultimate LED Desk Lamps

My daughter-in-law has a 3-D printer in her dining room. She expressed how much she loves 3-D printing technology. Making jersey names, birthday cards, and other projects for friends and family. Using the 3-D printer has magnified her artistic abilities.

She had a complaint though.

Her complaint wasn’t the 3-D printer but the lighting in that space.

The overhead LED light made it hard to see the seams that she had to pick apart and assemble her creations. The LED is a 6500K and emits a brilliant light, but it has such a blue tint that it doesn’t help her see well.

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So I suggested getting a LED desk lamp. Just not any desk lamp though. A desk lamp that was adjustable and had several light brightness levels.



led desk lamp

Five color temperatures perfect for working, reading and art projects.

Six brightness levels (450 lumens), and is easy on the eyes.

Warm, (2,700-3,000K)

Soft white (3,000-3,500K)

Natural, (4,000-4,500K)

Daylight (5,000-5,500K)

Cool white (6,000-6,500K)

It is the brightest desk lamp on the market

And it comes with a USB port that could charge a phone.

The LED desk even dims for a night light. Or set the 60-minute timer to turn off like your television.

Adjustable for convenient manipulation to shine the light where you need it.

The LED desk lamp is compact having dimensions of 18.9 x 5.3 x 17.2 inches. And the desk lamp weighs less than 5 pounds.

Color: Matt finished and made of aluminum/modern.

Energy efficient using only 12-watts of electricity.

4.9-star rating.

See It Here the brightest-LED desk lamp on the market today!

The perfect LED desk lamp for every occasion or situation. Six color brightness levels. Five color modes. USB port for charging your phone. Adjustable for alleviating glare. Memory functions that remember your favorite lighting colors. Beautifully modern and durable, LED desk lamp that is energy efficient. I give this desk lamp a 9 out of 10 rating; I believe you will too.

LED Desklamp for reading light, desk lamp, music light stand, craft work light, led night light, emergency light.I am so impressed with the LED desk lamp that I ordered mine yesterday. For the office desk, I just made. Can’t wait to set it up!

I hope you found this article illuminating!

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Hello, Karla, I’m happy that you found my recommendation review of an Ultimate LED Desk Lamp helpful. Your comment touches on all the features and benefits this LED desk lamp has to offer its user. I also felt that the desk lamp offered more bang for the buck. Thanks so much for sharing your experience using the Taotronics LED desk lamp.
To learn more about the advantages LED light bulbs and how LEDs can reduce your utility bills.

I am head over heels with my LED desk lamp! I’ve had it for just about 2 months now and It’s made the love I have for crafting even stronger! It fits perfectly on my crafting desk and I love that I’m able to move the light around with easy. With the different light setting options, I’m able to choose which one is best for the project I’m working on that day. I don’t have to waste time squinting to weed my vinyl projects anymore. It looks so sleek on my desk and because it’s so small, it doesn’t take up much room (which is a huge positive with all the other things I need for my crafting sprawled all over the table). I highly recommend this LED desk lamp for those who love to craft like myself!

Hello, Graham the led desk lamp advertised is 12 watt 410 lumens. There are other versions of this lamp 14 watt 530 lumens, 15 watt 680 lumens.
I apologize for the confusion.

Hello, Graham To provide you with the best possible answer to your question. Light emitting diodes (LED) color temperatures range of the LED desk lamp at it’s lowest setting would be closest to traditional light bulbs that wouldn’t be as blue. The highest setting would be the top of the light color scale (cool white) would be brilliant blue. When researching how bright a lamp would be (incandescent to LED bulbs). It’s best to compare LED equivalents to watts. I’ve provided a two links to further explain this confusing aspect of comparisons.
To put it in simple terms, the lowest setting would give you a warm glow, the highest setting would compare to a security light.
My daughter-inlaw uses the lowest setting for illuminating the room and the further setting to work on her 3D printer tasks.
I hope this sheds some light on the answer you wished to find out. With the information provided.
If I can be of further assistance please contact me.

Your advert does not indicate the max lumens each colour setting gives.
Can you provide this information?

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