1 LED Light Bulb 3 Color Temperatures Review

Refreshing Color That Transforms Room Ambiance

Want a LED light bulb that has a three distinct color temperature?  Then you need to check out the SceneSwitch LED by Phillips Lighting.

The SceneSwitch is a 60-watt equivalent LED that does not require a dimmer switch. SceneSwitch LED changes color temperatures just by twisting or flipping the switch. Continue reading “1 LED Light Bulb 3 Color Temperatures Review”

Are LED Replacement Bulbs Worth It?

I stood in the in the light bulb aisle at my local hardware store back in 2010. I picked up a four-pack of 60-watt incandescent light bulbs. And I proceeded to the checkout counter. Then my eyes were drawn to the new light-emitting diode.

I asked myself, “is a LED replacement bulb worth it”? I could replace my table lamp with a traditional incandescent or I could opt for a LED light bulb. Continue reading “Are LED Replacement Bulbs Worth It?”

60 watt LED Replacement

60-watt replacement

The LED 60watt replacement recommended the best. After careful study, I found the Philips SlimStyle equivalent 60watt Dimmable Soft White (A19) Led Light Bulb to rate highest among equivalent 60watt LED replacement for traditional incandescents. Continue reading “60 watt LED Replacement”