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How To Improve Old Fluorescent Lights in 60 Minutes

What is involved in replacing old fluorescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs?  Which fluorescent replacement light bulb will give you the most bang for the buck? Or will you have to buy a whole new light fixture? The answer is NO!!

We know energy-efficient lighting is the way of the future. We’ve seen on television or heard on the radio how the Department of Energy and our local utility companies are promoting saving energy. You can start today saving energy and money on your power usage.

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What if I told you, changing fluorescent lights is as easy as installing a new fluorescent light bulb. You can replace the old fluorescent light fixture, but today there is no need. Do it in just about 60 minutes.


You will be able to upgrade your lighting to LEDs and start saving money instantly. The Hyperikon’s LED replacement is 63 percent more energy efficient. It turns on instantly, no warm-up, super bright (5,000K) and is dual end powered. And has a lifespan of 45,000 hour(s). That is 21 year(s) @ 6 hour(s) a day. Replace your 48watt fluorescent light bulbs with an 18watt LED Light Bulb.

Hyperikon’s LED replacement light bulb has a CR (color rendering) rating of 84.

Offers a variety of lumen options. Such as, 5,000K which is brilliant, 3,000K Warm White perfect for living rooms, bathrooms, and TV rooms. Comes with plastic, not glass, either Crystal White Glow or a Frosted version.

Hyperikon’s LED replacement tube can be used in outside rated enclosed fixtures.

Applications include voltage 120v-277v. Hyperikon’s is DLC and is UL-Listed.

Carries a Hassle Free 5-year unlimited warranty.

Entirely made here in the U.S.A.

No matter if you have a T8’s-T10’s or T12 fluorescents. Hyperikon’s T8-T10 and T12 LED tube was designed to be a direct replacement. No tombstones to replace. Bulbs connect to existing light holders.

With simple instructions to bypass (or remove) the ballast. It is easy, and you can do it yourself.

Hyperikon’s LED fluorescent light bulb will work with a T8 electronic ballast without removing it. It is recommended to gain the best energy efficiency though. Because the ballast also consumes (4.5watts) power along with the light bulb. Removing it, you will get 20 percent better energy efficiency.

Product: Hyperikon T8-T10T12 LED Light Tube 4ft. Dual-End Powered, Easy Ballast Removal Installation, 18watt (48watt Equivalent) 2520 Lumens, 5,00oK, Crystal White Glow, Clear Cover, and Frosted.


Lumens: 2850 / (note: light only is on one side) NOT FULL SPECTRUM, install light towers down.

Color Temperature: 6,000K, 4000K, 3,000K

Color Rendering: CR 84

Energy: 63 percent efficient

Operating Temperature: -22 – 125F

Dimmable: NO

Safe: DCL, UL-Listed.


Warranty: Hassle Free 5-year Unlimited Warranty/ 30-day money back

Price: 1 pack $(check on Amazon), 4-pack $, 12-pack $, 24-pack $

Available: Amazon

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

My review rating is 9 out of 10 / Plug and Play Product

Always consult a certified professional electrician for your specific applications.

This LED Light Tube is one of the best replacement for old fluorescent bulbs. With the variety of sizes, energy savings, color temperatures and applications (120v-277v).  I think that you will agree when you decide and begin to research upgrading to LED fluorescent lighting. Hyperikon will be an excellent choice. Don’t you agree?

Get Your Hyperikon LED Light Tube Today!!

I have reviewed Hyperkon’s LED Light Bulbs before and am blown away how they incorporate energy efficiency along with ease of use. The products I have researched all carry a great warranty. A hassle Free 5-year unlimited warranty. Support from Hyperikon is a phone call away. Hyperikon is a U.S.A. company. Not all of the products I’ve reviewed can say that.
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