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Smart Home Access

Smart Home Access Strategies For Beginners

As we get further into the year of 2018 companies like Amazon, want to provide the best customer service possible. With that in mind, they want to access your home or car to drop off packages. Along with that comes the added stress of not knowing who is entering your house or car. And most of all if they can be trusted. So what are your options? Using a smart home access system will keep your property safe and secure.

I found two companies that are at the top of their game. The Nest Labs a home automation producer of programmable, self-learning, sensor-driven, Wi-Fi Enabled thermostats, smoke detectors, security cameras, and other security systems.

And Yale Lock company manufacturer of locks, home security, burglar alarms, safes, door viewers, window locks, and padlocks that combined their experience for an exceptional home protection product. That exceeds the consumer’s expectations.

Nest has introduced several new products for smart home consumers in the last few months. The products I am specifically talking about are the Nest Hello Smart Video doorbell and the Nest x Smart lock. The two products mentioned above have expanded Nest’s company’s footprint.

The Nest Labs is becoming a household brand name like Phillips and Sylvania. People are getting more familiar with the company name Nest for its quality goods for home security.

Smart Doorbells Eliminate Stress

smart door bellAnd why not, homeowners are always searching for economical ways to protect their homes. A Nest Hello Smart Video doorbell alerts a homeowner who’s approaching their domicile. It gives them a signal, so they never miss a visitor who is knocking, or a package delivered.

The Nest Hello Smart doorbell has a 4.3 HD video picture that delivers crystal-clear images. Night vision HDR video with a 160-degree field of view. Moreover, lets the homeowner (HD) talk and listen to any visitor who approaches whether they knock or not.

A conversation and hear feature is clear and distinct. Also, has 24/7 video streaming recording familiar face alerts. Through Nest’s Aware subscription.

So you can check anytime and view a three-hour snapshot history. So you never miss a thing. Moreover, includes prerecorded messages to answer the door when you are not at home.

The list of prerecorded messages connects with your Google Home smart speaker that greets your arriving guests by name using the face alert feature. One drawback of Hello is it is hard-wired and doesn’t run on battery power like some competitors.

Nest Hello Smart Doorbell can distinguish between a person, or an item, then alerts you. Its design shows you a view of your entire porch entrance.

And setting it up is simple. So what is in the box?

Nest NC5100US Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell 

Item #5149 components.

1 – Nest Hello video doorbell

1 – Chime connector

1 – 15° wedge

1 – Release tool

1 – Masonry drill bit

1 – Window Decal

1 – Wallplate

1 – Extension Wires

1 – Wall anchors

1 – Screws

1 – Quick Start Guide

in stock and ships the same day

Price $229.00

All the above components have a 30-day return policy.


The best distinct feature of the Nest Hello HDR video is the facial recognition aspect. That sets it apart from other competitor Smart doorbells.

One Con with the Nest Hello

(Nest Hello Smart Doorbell is hard-wired, no battery back-up in case of a power outage)

Smart Lock

The Yale Lock Manufacturing Company in Stamford, Connecticut, founded in 1868. The founder Linus Yale Jr. invented the pin tumbler lock and Henry Towne.

Later the name was changed to Yale & Towne. Yale registered eight patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office between 1843-1857 about his pin tumbler safe lock, safe lock, bank lock, vault lock and safe, door bolt and padlock.

Yale and Towne’s locks are in just about every building across the world. The company supplied locks, home security, burglar alarms, safes, door viewers, window locks, and padlocks.

Now the parent company is Assa Abloy. Today the company manufactures Yale Doormaster, AS Cylinder Lock, Digital Door Viewer, Digital Door Locks, and Electronic Safe. Now you have the company’s history of experience in lock security.

I would like to tell you about how they improved the Yale Linus Smart Lock that was never produced and marketed.

The improved version is the Nest X Yale Lock. As mention, above you already have an idea that Yale Lock has a lot of experience in securing buildings.

Yale knows locks and Nest knows connectivity to home. The marriage of these two technologies brings the consumer the best of both worlds. Together they have procured a lock that meets the requirements of the 21st-century.

yale smart lockThe Nest X Yale lock is made for people and not keys. The keyless lock is a tamper-proof, key-free deadbolt connecting to Nest app.1. You will be able to secure and unsecured a door from anywhere you happen to be.

Sharing a passcode with people you trust to come and go. Postcodes that you can alert you when people enter through the door. Also, the option of creating, deleting or setting expiring times for the passcodes for individuals when they are finished.

smart home systemsAlso, if you have a Nest Alarm System, you can set up the alarm to disarm the system when they unlock the door. No more having to duplicate keys to give out. Moreover, relieving the stress of multiple keys to your home out there somewhere.

All from the Nest app.1 on your phone. Also, when Nest knows when you are away it will secure your door automatically. It is secure and tamper-proof. If anyone tries to defeat the lock an alert is sent to your phone. The batteries start to run low; it alerts you. Also, if you have a power loss, it charges quickly with a 9V battery so you can unlock the door.

A Nest X Yale Lock fits the existing deadbolt you now have. All you need to do is remove your deadbolt and install the Nest X Yale Lock.

The Lock connects to your Wi-Fi and the Nest app.1 through Nest Connect or Nest Guard. You will need either one will let you lock or unlock your door remotely.

Nest X Yale Lock RB-YRD540-WVOBP item # 65407 comes in three styles brass, bronze, and Satin Nickel. Requires a Nest Connect or Nest Guard (included in the Nest Secure Starter Pack sold separately)

Price $279.00

Nest bundles the Nest Connect Adapter for $279.00, which saves you $39.00 Unless you already have the Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Pack.

Nest H13000ES Connect | Smart Home item # 11091

Price $69.00

Nest H1500ES Secure Alarm System Starter Pack item # 11087

Price $499.00

All the above components have a 30-day return policy.


A question raised about the physical strength

The Smart features add convenience. Nest includes longer screws in the Lock Strike Plate recommended for installation.


A question raised about the physical strength of the lock. Nest doesn’t include a stronger box strike or multiple screw strike plate. At this point, there seem to be no issues though about strength and durability of the lock.

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The Nest Hello Smart Doorbell is a viable option to monitor your home from afar. With comprehensive features and benefits of keeping your home safe and secure. Moreover, the Nest Hello doesn’t include the battery backup feature.

Combining the two Nest X Yale Smart Lock and Nest Hello Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell is ideal and adds convenience for homeowners who strive for additional home protection. Also, relieving the stress of not knowing who is on or entering your property.


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