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Save Money Fast

Want to Know How to Save Money Fast?

Did you know that switching to LED light bulbs is the fastest way to trim your monthly budget? Your lighting makes up the majority electric bill, and by just replacing your incandescent lamps with energy efficient light bulbs you are on the road to trimming your budget.

LEDs have an immediate impact on your electric bill.  You flip the light switch and a LED light bulb awards you with approximately an eighty percent savings on your energy use.

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The payoff of energy consumption brought to Congress’s attention, and they soon initiated the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. And the act went into effect in 2012. The Energy Independence and Security Act banned incandescent light bulbs. There were only a few incandescents that didn’t make the embargo. They were the rough service bulbs, bug lights, and oven lights. The 3-way light bulb also slated to be banned at a later date.

Now more than 78 million households have upgraded to Light Emitting Diodes. The number of homes up from 400,00 since 2009.

The Department of Energy estimates the price drop of LED Light Bulbs has dropped 40 percent since 2009. The costs of LED Light Bulbs compared to traditional incandescents were more expensive some years ago. As with any new technology that comes to market. Remember when cell phones, computers, and 3-D printers first were introduced to the market? They were expensive to own. Now you can buy these products at a reasonable price. The same goes for LED Light Bulbs.


The Consumer’s Federation of America claims that consumers can cut their energy costs by $1,000 within the next ten years. LED light bulbs are energy efficient, lasts longer, and use less energy to operate than incandescent lamps, Halogens. LEDs cost less than $5.00 and cost about a dollar a year to use. And has a lifespan of around ten years. Light Emitting Diodes are purchased today in a variety of colors (lumens) and light temperatures (Kelvin).


LEDs cost less than $5.00 a bulb. They cost about a dollar a year to use. And have a lifespan of around ten years. Consumers are slow to change their habits. They are price conscious. And need to educate themselves about saving money by implementing Light Emitting Diodes.

Studies have concluded that people usually find the information they need from family, friends, and co-workers. The information is free and available to you from government institutions and their local Utility Company. Institutions that your tax dollars fund. Free news for consumers for implementing the how-to for starting their plan for impacting their energy budgets.

NO need to hire a contractor to get started. 

You start immediately saving money.

You won’t have to replace your light bulbs for years. 

All that is left is for you to do is join the Energy Efficiency Revolution. 

So, do you want to save money fast? LED Light Bulbs the best way to start upgrading your home. There are LEDs (light emitting diodes) that are Smart and change colors, stream music, and used as a traditional light bulb — all this technology at your fingertips from an app you install on your smartphone. The age we live in is incredible.

Hope you found this article illuminating!!

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