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Remote Control LED Light Bulbs

Remote control light bulbs are the future of home automation. One of the remote controlchoices in home lighting automation is the LED Link light bulb.

New and affordable from GE is the Link LED Bulb. The LED Link bulb that gives you the ability to connect remotely and control your home lighting and other sync devices from anywhere in the world.

The new app that lets you do this is called Wink. Wink makes a cost-effective way to manage your lighting for your home. The Wink app eliminates expensive add on’s usually affiliated with these devices connected to their homes.

The Link connected LED will be starting under $15. Consumers will be able to find this new Home Link bulb at home improvement outlets after June 2016.  G.E.’s Link LED bulbs will still be a high quality, energy efficient, long-lasting bulb that will be able to be used in many lighting applications in your home.

Smarthome Lighting Control


For the 60 watts (A-19) replacement soft white (2700 lumen) traditionally used for general purpose lighting such as table lamps and or floor lamps.

And indoor flood lights (A-19), soft white (2700 lumens) applications for down lighting used in living rooms, dining rooms, and entertainment spaces.

The indoor and outdoor PAR-38 (3000 lumens)  rated brightness for lighting used for security or spotlights.

As the consumer becomes better educated about the benefits of the Link LED’s, it will be the driving force for the success of this new technology.

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Hello, Patrick
Yes, led automation will be part of all our future lighting needs.
To answer your questions about the par38 floodlight. Yes, if you are going to use a led floodlight in an outside environment the fixture must be fully enclosed. Led lights do not do well in high moisture environments. Walmart’s Great Value BR30 (12watt) (90watt equivalent) led (PAR38) replacement works well with a motion sensor, photocell, and a timer. It retails around $10. It has a color temperature of warm to white. The BR38 has a lifespan of 23 years. Of course, the higher the lumens the more efficient the bulb. Consumer Reports gives it a very good reliability rating of 94. I hope this information clarifies the questions you posed. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you

As everything become more and more connected, this is my logical next step on the smart home I am looking for. I love the idea of being able to control the lighting of the entire house from my phone. I am especially interested in how these lights would work with my outdoor fixtures. Do you know if the outdoor PAR-38 (3000 lumens) would work well with motion sensor fixtures that I have installed in my driveway and back patio?

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