What are the Advantages of LED Lights

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How Much Money Can You Save by Switching to LED Lights The Department of Energy made the first push to educate the consumer about light emitting diodes back in the year 2000. It has taken over ten years for the new lighting technology to become readily available to the consumer.

5 Brilliant Ways, Moving Forward with LED Light Bulbs

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Now that you turned back time, are you moving forward with your lighting? By 2020 there will be four billion U.S. light sockets converted to LED Light Bulbs. Doing away with lighting that’s inefficiently using energy in their homes and businesses. Innovations in the LED industry promises to bring us more sophistication for lighting for … [Read more…]

OMG! Awesome 3-Way LED Light Bulbs

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In a previous post, I did about the 3-way light bulb I told you that Washington D.O.E. was telling us that the incandescent 3-way light bulb was going away. At that time there weren’t many great choices for a replacement 3-way LED light bulb.

How To Recycle Light Bulbs

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Last week I was contacted about recycling old light bulbs. What type of light bulbs were they talking referring? Were they incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes?

How the LED Light Bulb Is Saving the World

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October is National Energy Efficiency Month. And LED light bulbs are the pinnacle of energy efficiency. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “energy efficiency”? Do you think of gas efficient automobiles, furnaces or appliances? I’m curious did a “LED light bulb” pop into your head?