Wireless Dimmer Switch

Why Mom was right, No Contractor Required!

I’ve wanted to install a dimmer switch for my downstairs family room forever. The lighting in that space is too bright for watching television. So I went on the internet, and soon I found the Philips Hue wireless dimming switch kit.


dimmer switchThe family room downstairs was remodeled, and I’m not an electrician. I wanted something that was going to be easy to do for my lighting needs. Without rewiring the light switches. The Philips Hue wireless dimmer switch was the answer to my dilemma.

This switch is not only wireless, but it can be expanded up to ten lights. Of course, you would need the Hue Bridge to make that application work.

That is what I ended up doing. Continue reading “Wireless Dimmer Switch”

Ambiance Lighting System


 Why Do People Think Ambiances Are A Good Idea?

Sixteen million colors you can control with Philips Hue ambiance lighting system is now available on your smart devices. You are the Darth Vader for darth vaderambient lighting in your home. Controlling lighting ambiance in any space with any color you choose. Selecting the best experience for listening to music, watching TV, reading, or just relaxing. Enjoying the conveniences of set it and forget it technology from Phillips Hue LED white to color ambiance A19 starter kit (third generation). Continue reading “Ambiance Lighting System”

Remote Control LED Light Bulbs

Remote control light bulbs are the future of home automation. One of the remote controlchoices in home lighting automation is the LED Link light bulb.

New and affordable from GE is the Link LED Bulb. The LED Link bulb that gives you the ability to connect remotely and control your home lighting and other sync devices from anywhere in the world. Continue reading “Remote Control LED Light Bulbs”

Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Home Theater


Home Theater Surround Sound

Would you like to have a home theater surround sound in every room in your home? Well, you can!  The Sengled Company has released the Pulse LED Light Bulb Kit that can transform any room into a home theater. The Pulse Bulb Kit can customize any space without significant construction. Continue reading “Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Home Theater”

LED Home Lighting


One of the choices for LED home lighting on the market today is the innovative light bulbs on the market today is the innovative light bulbs on the market today is the innovative LED Smart Lightbulb called the Element offered by the Sengled Company is new for 2017. Sengled has ten years of experience with LED Smart Lights currently holding 200 patents for many innovations for LED Smart Lighting. Continue reading “LED Home Lighting”

Green LED Lighting Solutions

 Green LED Lighting Solutions

Green LED lighting solutions are also available in a variety of colors. Sylvania released a new multicolor LED A-19 light bulb this year. The Home-Kit LED light bulbs don’t require a separate hub. Sylvania has a multi-color HomeKit enabled Bluetooth LED light bulb, which will allow consumers to control the lights in their home without adding another hub. Continue reading “Green LED Lighting Solutions”

Energy Saving with LED Light Bulbs

incandescent light bulb


Energy saving with the LED light you can implement today. How many incandescent light bulbs do you have in your home? As of January 1, 2017, incandescent light bulbs will be banned per the Department of Energy regulation forever. Only a few incandescent light bulbs are still exempt which include the oven light bulb, rough service light bulb, and bug lights. Continue reading “Energy Saving with LED Light Bulbs”



Obama Administration makes one more decision to improve energy efficiency lighting. The 3-way incandescent bulbs are going away. And soon to be included in the Department of Energy’s list of lighting to be phased out. It will not include bug lights, oven lights.

Back in 2007 when the light bulb ban Continue reading “3 WAY BULBS GOING AWAY”