Why Light Bulbs Are The Secret Ingredient

We know that sunlight affects us in subtle ways. Sunshine gives us energy, improves our mood and is healthy for us. Did you know that light bulbs work similarly? The illumination of light bulbs emits the same spectrum of colors produced by the sun. Light bulbs you choose can zero in on the specific colors…

By Kevin February 2, 2018 4

1 LED Light Bulb 3 Color Temperatures Review

Refreshing Color That Transforms Room Ambiance Want a LED light bulb that has a three distinct color temperature?  Then you need to check out the SceneSwitch LED by Phillips Lighting. The SceneSwitch is a 60-watt equivalent LED that does not require a dimmer switch. SceneSwitch LED changes color temperatures just by twisting or flipping the…

By Kevin January 26, 2018 6

Here Come New Ideas For LED Light Bulbs

Do you love LED light bulbs? But can’t seem to find the LED light bulb that would compliment your light fixture. Discover LED lighting that transforms any room into the desired look you wish to exude. 2017 light designers offer many choices to brighten up any space. And 2018 will be no doubt be a…

By Kevin January 22, 2018 0

10 Reasons To Buy LED Light Bulbs

When is it a good time to invest in LED light bulbs? The best opportunity to buy LEDs is when you have to replace burned out light bulbs. Sure, LEDs will cost you a little more but will pay for themselves in time.

By Kevin January 16, 2018 9

LED Technology for Lighting

Now that the Holiday’s are almost over and a new year begins. We make resolutions to help us reach weight goals. Have you thought about how to reduce our electric power usage? Thus, reducing our utility bill. One of the easiest ways to do that is to invest in LED light bulbs.

By Kevin December 27, 2017 0