Do LED Christmas Lights Use Less Electricity

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I’ll Give You The Truth About LED Christmas Lights

You’ve turned back your clocks. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now you are thinking about how you are going to set up your Holiday lighting decorations.

You take down all the boxes in your attic or garage that say Christmas Decorations. And you open the boxes that have X-Mas
lights on them.

You pull out the first strand, plug them in only to discover after plugging them in several are burned out or worse broken. And other’s are just plain outdated.

So you grab the car keys and head off to find replacement bulbs or light strands. Continue reading “Do LED Christmas Lights Use Less Electricity”

What are the Advantages of LED Lights

How Much Money Can You Save by Switching to LED Lights

The Department of Energy made the first push to educate the consumer about light emitting diodes back in the year 2000. It has taken over ten years for the new lighting technology to become readily available to the consumer. Continue reading “What are the Advantages of LED Lights”

5 Brilliant Ways, Moving Forward with LED Light Bulbs

Now that you turned back time, are you moving forward with your lighting?

By 2020 there will be four billion U.S. light sockets converted to LED Light Bulbs. Doing away with lighting that’s inefficiently using energy in their homes and businesses.

Innovations in the LED industry promises to bring us more sophistication for lighting for homes and businesses. And consumers can brand themselves for less than five dollars a bulb. Continue reading “5 Brilliant Ways, Moving Forward with LED Light Bulbs”

OMG! Awesome 3-Way LED Light Bulbs

In a previous post, I did about the 3-way light bulb I told you that Washington D.O.E. was telling us that the incandescent 3-way light bulb was going away. At that time there weren’t many great choices for a replacement 3-way LED light bulb. Continue reading “OMG! Awesome 3-Way LED Light Bulbs”

How the LED Light Bulb Is Saving the World

October is National Energy Efficiency Month. And LED light bulbs are the pinnacle of energy efficiency. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “energy efficiency”? Do you think of gas efficient automobiles, furnaces or appliances? I’m curious did a “LED light bulb” pop into your head? Continue reading “How the LED Light Bulb Is Saving the World”

The Ultimate LED Desk Lamps

My daughter-in-law has a 3-D printer in her dining room. She expressed how much she loves 3-D printing technology. Making jersey names, birthday cards, and other projects for friends and family. Using the 3-D printer has magnified her artistic abilities.

She had a complaint though. Continue reading “The Ultimate LED Desk Lamps”

Have You Heard? LED Tubes Fit Fluorescent Fixtures

Do you want to lower your energy consumption and still get superior lighting? Are you thinking about replacing your outdated T12 or T8 tube lights? Then you should know that LED tubes fit fluorescent fixtures. The T-12 and T-8 tubes and ballasts are becoming harder to find. Continue reading “Have You Heard? LED Tubes Fit Fluorescent Fixtures”

Smart Lighting Solutions? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer lighting is the most overlooked asset in their establishments or homes. It makes up a significant portion of the energy usage. The maintenance cost of replacement light bulbs can be a real headache. Continue reading “Smart Lighting Solutions? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart”