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OMG! Awesome 3-Way LED Light Bulbs

In a previous post, I did about the 3-way light bulb I told you that Washington D.O.E. was telling us that the incandescent 3-way light bulb was going away. At that time there weren’t many great choices for a replacement 3-way LED light bulb.

Today, there are a variety of choices for replacing incandescent three-way light bulbs with an energy efficient three-way LED light bulb. Light bulb companies that are reputable manufacturers TorchStar, Phillips, Feit, G.E., Sylvania and so on. And I’m sure that you heard of all these companies before.

TorchStar manufactures a 3-way LED light bulb that carries the Energy Star Badge. Having the Energy Star Badge assures the consumer at a glance that TorchStar’s is a quality product. And TorchStar’s 3-way LED is a perfect replacement for a desk lamp, living room lamp or bedside table lamp.

Their three-way LED lamp (40/60/100w equivalent) you can set the lighting ambiance you desire. The LED light comes on instantly. Unlike a compact fluorescent light which needs to warm up to full luminance.

woman reading a bookTurn the lamp switch once for a soft relaxing aura. And sit down in your favorite chair and let the days stress melt away.

Turn the switch again for natural luminance. As you grab your favorite novel to read.

Toggle one last time for a radiant light for undertaking those precision tasks. As you begin working on your favorite hobby, paying bills and chores that require bright lighting.

TorchStar’s LED replacement lamp is energy efficient. A soft white (2700) color temperature. Similar to a traditional light bulb.

Using 5w at 40-watt (450 lumens) equivalent and 10w at 60-watt (800 lumens) equivalent and 16w at a 100-watt (1600 lumens) equivalent.

And TorchStar’s LED 3-way bulb is dimmable.

TorchStar 3-way LED has a 270-degree beam. Glowing light coverage. The base is an E26 and the bulb type A21.

TorchStar’s LED 3-way has a CR factor (color rendering) of 80+. Color rendering makes colors dazzle and sizzle. It is why grocery stores, art galleries, and hospitals demand CR as a component of their lighting requirements.

CR factor is the measurement scale of natural light (0 to 100) produced by the sun. The number closest to a hundred the better the color spectrum of natural light.

TorchStar’s LED is U. L listed, environmentally safe (no mercury). Emits UV or other harmful radiation. Their LED light bulb has a long life of 13 years @ three hours a day. And TorchStar’s 3-way LED carries a 3-year satisfaction guarantee.

Another Awesome Choice for a 3-way LED Light Bulb

If you haven’t heard of TorchStar’s three-way LED light bulb before that’s OK. And you still, want a to replace a burned out 3-way light bulb with a company that has an excellent reputation.

Consider Phillips Lighting North America Corporation. Phillips does manufacture a variety of three-way LED light bulbs. Perfect for all the lighting applications you require.

I chose the Phillips 40w, (450 lumens) 5-watts, 60w, (800 lumens) 8-watts, 100w (1600 lumens) 18-watts, replacement equivalents. The color temperature or light appearance is a warm white (2700K).

They also have a 50w, (620 lumens) 100w, (1600 lumens) 150w, (2200 lumens). A 3-way LED that delivers more light.

Phillips 3-way LED light bulb carries the Energy Star Badge. Has a medium base, instant on, lasts twenty-two plus years, ( based on 3 hour(s) a day) and saves $225 in energy cost. Phillips is also U.L listed. And has a five-year limited warranty.

Require more information? Check out LED Lighting Facts @

Your lighting is one of the easiest ways to “do it yourself” energy efficiency. It doesn’t usually require a professional contractor to implement LED light bulbs. If you can change a light bulb, you can begin today to start impacting your utility bills.

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Yes, LED light bulbs are more expensive initially than Compact fluorescent lights.

One benefit is not having to replace your light bulbs every couple of years and is more energy efficient compared to traditional light bulbs.

LEDs don’t require special disposal because LEDs don’t contain mercury like CFLs.

LEDs have a long life compared to CFLs.

LED light bulbs will pay for themselves within five to seven years.

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So, What Can You Do Today To Start Saving GREEN?

Start today by replacing your burned out light bulbs with LED light bulbs (light emitting diode). Or replace the lighting you use the most such as your living room, kitchen and bedroom lights. Those hard to reach fixtures that you might have to get a ladder out to do.

Keep in mind that the lighting in the space you are replacing will take some research on your part. The color temperature, lumens, and color rendering (CR) all will play a role in the ambiance of the room. The light bulb package usually has all the information you need to make an informed decision.

If you still have questions?
Check out my homepage advantages and disadvantages of LED light bulbs and LED lighting terminology.

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Always refer to a certified electrician that is licensed and bonded for your particular application.

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