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New Energy Efficiency Standards | T8 32W Fluorescent Tubes

There are changes in fluorescent lighting energy efficiency standards. The new Federal Standards are affecting the use of the 32-watt T8 fluorescent tube.

The Department of Energy is adding the 32-watt T8 to the list of the non-compliant light bulbs. And will affect commercial businesses and manufacturers who use and produce the T8 fluorescent tubes.

The non-compliant T8 fluorescent tubes will no longer be manufactured after January 26, 2018.

Dept of Energy Says Good-bye to T8 32W Tubes.


New Standards released by the Department of Energy for the 32-watt T8 fluorescent tube light. These fluorescent T8 tubes have been added to the list of lighting that will have to meet new efficiency standards.

All general service T8 fluorescent produced after January 26, 2018, must adhere to the new criteria. The list of requirements includes reduced energy consumption, and increase lumens per watt.

The Department of Energy’s federal standards will have a severe impact on the sales of T8’s here in the United States. With more than 112 million units sold in 2017 means that 70 percent are now non-compliant. Also, manufacturers will not be producing the 32-watt lamps.

The light at the end of the tunnel for these new standards is that if customers aren’t ready to replace their non-compliant 32-watt tubes. Can opt using the 25-watt or 28-watt T8 fluorescent tubes which are still quite accessible on the market. And nearly all meet the new Federal Standards.

Before the Federal Standards were in place, the commercial lighting clientele found T8’s the solution to meeting energy efficiency regulations. The 32-watt T8 was energy efficient, cost-competitive and claimed to reduce maintenance cost. Providing quality lighting and addressing occupancy comforts.


After sharing with you the new Federal Efficiency Standards. You might be wondering what my options for replacements are.

There are many LED replacement tube lights on the market today. And finding which one would work best for my specific situation.

Every company or institution has different lighting specifications.  These areas determine the lighting specifications for workspaces, warehouses, school buildings, parking lots or retailers, etc.

Choosing the correct LED lighting can become quite overwhelming. Unless you decide to research a U.S. based company called Hyperkon.

Hyperkon incorporated in 2010. They have become a leader in the LED lighting technology. Always striving to bring the highest standards for energy efficiency and quality lighting on the market.

Hyperkon Inc. is a brand that is recognized worldwide. Their headquarters located in San Diego, California. And have a mindset that hasn’t changed since the beginning of giving the customer the best possible experience when doing business.

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Fluorescent Tube Options

Hyperkon offers a LED replacement tubes that cover T8 – T10 – T12s four foot, CRI 90+, clear tube lights, (dual-ended power).  Also, it has 45,000 long life. Rebate eligible, UL classified and a five-year warranty. (40-50w equivalent replacement)

Luxrite T8 Tube Light, 18W, Direct Replacement, (check ballast compatibility) UL Listed, 50,000 hours of life, useful electricity reduction, 5-year warranty. (32W equivalent replacement)

The above alternate LED tube lights listed above come highly recommended. Hyperkon and Luxrite are two reputable companies that strive to offer the best luminaries available on the market.

Both companies work to offer optimal lighting information as well a first class buying experience. I have done business with both and would not hesitate to refer either one.

Hyperkon and Luxrite will live up to their reputations for fulfilling all your lighting specifications.

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