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Want to Step up your Magic Garden? You Need To Read This!

One of my neighbors has magic gardens at his home. He uses the outdoor color changing lights to produce a fantastic light show at night. His whole yard is like a fairy tale storybook. That you would find in one of those fairy tale books we read to our children. People drive by and slow down, almost stop just to gaze at it.

No matter what time of year, his color changing lights brings his home and yard to life accenting the four seasons. At night when people drive up our road. You can bet they are going to slow down just to take it all in. It’s a color changing light show all year long.

The colors fade from red to green to blue to white. The lights strobe, skip and disappear again. You will stop and watch mesmerized by the varieties of colors he has created.  You begin to believe that you are part of his magical fairytale garden.

Just when you think you have seen all the colors. The rainbow of colors goes from a dazzling quick flash to a slow twinkling. Then fade to almost midnight before the colors of the rainbow begin to start all over again. He also has color changing patio lights.

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He has his friends and family over for a barbecue or just to sit around the fire. Music playing in the background setting the atmosphere. Then he remotely turns on the colored lights for a magical spectrum rainbow light show.

We all know how a blazing fire is beautiful to watch but having the fire, and the light show makes an evening with his family unforgettable. I found myself talking about that night with his family for days.

Waiting anxiously to know when he would have another evening like that. Wondering to myself, how could he top that night we all so enjoyed. Then not caring as long as we were invited back to enjoy another grill out or just sitting around the crackling fire.

Listening to music and watching the colors dance among the trees and bushes. Even though the season is early and trees and bushes aren’t full of leaves. The colors seem to make up for the missing foliage missing from the landscape.

I have never in my life experienced such an evening. Not without paying dearly for the tickets to attend one. The light show would be going on, but the blazing fire would still be missing. Having the view of the fire and the colored lights shimmering through the trees and shrubs is beyond imagination.

I’m sure by now you are wondering what type of colored lights was he using to felicitate such an experience. Well, being the curious kind of guy myself I pulled him aside and asked. After chuckling, this is what he shared with me.

He said he was looking for security lighting system for his home. He was not happy with the bright white or warm white colors that he was finding surfing the internet. He was looking for something unique but still added security lighting for his home.

After a few days of frustration, he said that he ran into a friend of his that was a landscaper. He mentions a few different security systems that don’t look or feel like security lighting systems. He wrote down the two suggestions went home that night.

Opened up his laptop and to work on the internet to locate them. After a time of surfing the Internet, he discovered a LED color changing security lighting system that fulfilled all his expectations. He wanted a safety system that would be bright. He wanted remote control of his security light. The system needed to be durable and waterproof. Easy to install and complement his home. Without looking as if it were safety and security light system.


He decided on the RC,


The Floodlight provides a bright light across a wide area. The LED has a lifespan of 30,000 hours.  Is extremely energy efficient and uses only 10Watts of power. Can be made into RGB/ RGBW/ Single Color Modes. Smooth/Flash/ON/OFF.

Color: Black/ High Strength Aluminum

LED: Cob Chip LED/ High Efficiency

Perfect for gardens, swimming pools, Home accents, Yard, Patio, Lawn, and pavilions. (this LED not designed to be immersed in water)

Manufacturer Offer/ 18 months warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Customers reviews give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

To Summarize

Do you want security LED lighting for your home? Have you resisted installing the traditional security light pole? The RC Color Changing Outdoor RGB LED Security Flood Light will fill the bill.

This LED is energy efficient and is safety light bright but without the traditional look and feel of light security systems.

Do you want to step up your magic,? Get your magic color changing lights today!

I hope you found this information illuminating. 

Do you have any questions about RC Security LED Flood Light?

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4 replies on “Magic Gardens”

Hello, Brenda, thanks for your comment. Yes, the LED security light is a security light that you can program for festivities. I’m glad you love it. If you have any questions about LED lights, please contact me.

I purchased the LED lights that change colors and it comes with a remote I love it you just plug it in and you have a disco light party light that’s good for family bar be que or any type of family function or just get to gather with friends it is really soothing to watch the colors change. It was the LED flood light no wiring needed just plug in an electrical outlet and enjoy!! love it Kevin

Hello, John

Thanks for your comment and support. I have been working on getting a picture of his light show. The pictures I’ve taken haven’t turned out as well as I would’ve liked. We have had extremely bad thunderstorms since I wrote that article. You can almost set your watch by them. I am going to post a picture as soon as the weather breaks. Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.


Hi Kevin,

I have worked in electrical wholesaling all my working days. Things have changed drastically over the years from electrical juice eating 1000watt and 500watt tungsten halogen fittings for security. Reducing to LED energy saving 120watt, 80watt, 50watt, right down to 10watt.
On your page you explain coloured security LED lighting, it has taken off really well in the UK. Your blog was very interesting, and I could picture the fantastic atmosphere at your neighbours house. Pity you couldn’t take a picture of the lighting to show us, with your neighbours permission of course.


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