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LED Security Lighting

  Need To Change Your Security Lighting?

Do you want to know about LED security lighting? One of the best-LED security lights that you can own is the SANSI’s LED Security Motion Outdoor lights.

It is bright (250-watt incandescent equivalent), shines 180 degrees with a maximum reach of 50 feet. One of the best-LED security lights that you can own is the SANSI’s LED Security Motion Outdoor lights.

I have a driveway that you enter from the road and wraps around the house. My garage is in the back of the house. The front and the back is well lit, but the side of the house creates an eclipse from the lights.

backyard patioIt gets incredibly dark in that particular space. So dark my grandsons refuse to walk the driveway to go from the back of the house to the front. The expressed to me that it is too spooky and they are scared. Well, that was enough said to know I had to do something about it.

I started asking my friends and neighbors what type of lighting they used to light these areas. They told me that they had tried solar lights, but they were unhappy with the amount of light these solar lights produced.

Some said that the solar fixtures did not last the entire night. My friend up the street has color changing security lights, but that area can’t see from the road. SoI did not want to use that type of security lighting. After inquiring with friends, I decided to find an outdoor light that would fill the bill.

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I want a security light fixture that would be easy to install. Give off plenty of bright light. Be waterproof, durable, and resist rust because most of our severe storms come from the westward direction. And the light bulbs would need to last for years. And it must be energy efficient. My choice is going to be a LED motion activated security light.

I’m getting up in my years, and like cleaning the gutters, I don’t want to get up on a ladder 16-20 feet to change a light bulb. When I decided to install the light fixture, I didn’t want to worry about replacing the light bulbs.

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There are many choices for outdoor security lighting available from lighting manufacturers. They offer the consumer great options for many applications. SANSI produces an outdoor light that comes highly recommended by people who have bought this light fixture.

After reading the reviews, (4.9 out of 5 stars). I can see why. It works well in large areas. Lights can be moved up or down and left, or right to illuminate desired spaces. The security light fixture is brilliant (Color temperature 5,000K Daylight, 3400 Lumens, Floodlight). The range is 180 degrees with 50 feet maximum.

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The SANSI LED Security Outdoor Light works well for lighting driveways, courtyards, doorways, and garages. The motion sensor can rotate to any position. The SANSI outdoor light has three modes, Test Mode, Motion Sensor Mode, Manual Mode.

Application voltage is 110v and only (250-watt incandescent equivalent) uses only 30-watts. Comes with everything you need for easy installation. The light fixture is white, and the material is ceramic, and the finish is PC. So the accessory is durable and will look like new for years. The fixture is waterproof, and the eight lights have a long life and are energy efficient.

SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights has a 5-year warranty.

(2 lamps (8 lights), bar shape mounting plate, three screws, waterproof gasket, three wire connectors, mounting bolt, rubber screw plug)

NOTE: Always refer to your certified electrician that is licensed and bonded for your particular application.

The fixture weighs 2.5 pounds. Product dimensions are 11.4 x 8.3 x 5.5 inches.

You can use it as a regular light. Turn it off for two seconds and turn it back on and you bypass the motion sensor. Recommended height installation to take full advantage of the SANSI Security LED Outdoor lighting is around 32 feet.

Replaces halogen light bulbs with LEDs which is energy efficient. Compared to your halogens they save 88 percent of the energy consumed by halogens.

Change a light bulb but finding the best choice can be a challenge.

Do you want a better Security Light? Check out SANSI LED Outdoor Lights.

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do LEDs save energy logoYou can opt for professional installation service through Amazon

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