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LED Outdoor Security Lighting

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) have replaced traditional incandescent lights due to the benefits they provide. If you are planning to upgrade to LED lighting products, then check the following top products with superior security benefits that come with these revolutionary LED outdoor lighting products.

L-E-D,’ have you heard these three about these new letters or read about them in various lighting websites. Why, haven’t you made the switch to LED for your home or business lighting yet?

Two LED Security Products You Should Consider

1.Ring 88fl000ch000 Floodlight Camera

Gone are the days when you could worry anymore about strangers or burglars straying into your home. This floodlight camera comes with a 110-decibel siren alarm that can alert you in case of an emergency. The camera illuminates clearly to provide high definition videos. Here are the impressive features and benefits you’ll enjoy from this floodlight camera.

Easy customization

Ring Floodlight Camera allows you to customize the motion zones making it easy for you to capture everything you need. It produces ultra-bright light thus enabling you to view everything in HD.

Easily Connect with your Phone

It’s so exciting how you can connect and view the security status of your home right from your smartphone, Mac and even Windows. The Ring synchronizes with your devices for convenient operations.

Its ultra-wide angle 270-degree motion sensors make it easy to view everything that happens around your home. It can alert you in real-time for quick response in case of an emergency.

Smart Panning and Zooming

No one likes doubts especially when it comes to the safety of your home. If you noticed something strange and wanted to view it in detail, Ring floodlight enables you to do so. It features a zoom and panning feature that sets it apart from other outdoor security cameras on the market.

Ultra-Wide 270-degree Field of View

If your home is full of tall trees or several structures, then it means various blind spots need a close watch. Ring comes with a stunning facial and object detection feature that provides improved surveillance.

Two-Way Audio

The Ring has an advanced feature that helps you listen to what’s happening in your backyard. The feature also allows you to scare away any intruders by speaking from anywhere you are.

Nest Cam Outdoor Cam

It fascinating having the control and the security of your home right from your fingertips. Nest Cam is a standalone LED floodlight camera that provides continuous cloud-based recording while allowing you to know everything behind bars. Some of the things you’ll love most about this camera include:

Crisp HQ Pictures

You can view everything in HD with this stunning outdoor security camera. Whether it is at night or day, it gives you high-quality pictures and illuminates all the blind spots around your home. It is equipped with eight infrared LEDs to provide you with explicit scenes.

Weatherproof and Adaptable

It’s common as a homeowner to worry about bad weather affecting the lifespan of your camera but not with Nest Cam. The device adapts to all types of weather, and you never have to worry about it failing anytime soon.

Real-time Recording

The Nest is not just a camera that is just there to scare away thieves. It records everything 24/7, so you can check it whenever you want. Besides, you don’t have to worry about dead batteries since this camera can plug into a power source.

If you are that type that can’t sleep in the dark, then this camera assures you complete peace of mind. It can record for the entire month which is fantastic if you want to know what has been happening around your home while you were away.

Guaranteed Real-time Alerts

Remember this is not just a camera for viewing live videos. It comes equipped with an intelligent system that alerts you, wherever it detects motion or sound around your home.

When a window or a gate is breached, then the video is activated and alerts you in real-time. It records all the information happening in critical areas such as front doors and walkways. You can set it up to get alerts on your smartphone and enjoy convenient operations.

Share it with Your Neighbors.

Smarthome Google Home 'works with'

Nest Cam allows you to create password-protected live streaming that you can share with your neighbors for improved safety. Meaning you can get everyone involved in the security of your home and keep crimes at bay. Additionally, the clips recorded can be shared with friends, police or other security personnel when needed.

Ease of Use

You don’t want an outdoor light camera that is complicated to use, right? Nest Cam doesn’t require any technical skills for you to set up. All you need to do is to plug in and connect the adapter, and you are ready to secure your home.

You can Check in Using any Smart Device.

You can sign in to your Nest app using your smartphone, laptop or tablet and check the security of your home anytime you choose.

Two-way Audio for Added Safety

Have you ever thought of scaring away an intruder just with your voice right from inside on your home?. Nest Cam features two-way audio
that allows you to listen and speak to anyone at the scene.

Why you should switch to LED light products NOW?

Low Power Consumption

Did you know that LEDs consume about only a tenth of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs? LEDs provide about 90% energy efficiency. The low power consumption translates to reduced power bills. Who doesn’t want to save money?

Much More Eco-Friendly

Imagine how it feels to live in an environment free from all toxic and hazardous chemicals. These LED products are safe around you.

Light Emitting Diodes are Dynamic

LEDs are dynamic. LED outdoor lights feature rugged construction and come in various sizes and shapes making them exceptionally versatile.

They can Operate Even in Extreme Environmental Conditions
Be it an extremely cold or hot environment, LEDs products are ideal for use under various temperature ranges.

They can Disperse Light for Easy Application Efficiency
Do you want to direct light to your main gate or your door entrance? LEDs allow you to do it flexible depending on the spot you want to illuminate or secure without the need of an external reflector.

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LEDs have turned around the lighting industry. If you are looking for the right outdoor security lights for your home, the LED is the way to go. They are eco-friendly, consumer less power, pretty cool and disperse light to different spots. If you want to take the safety of your home to the next level, then the above are the products to consider.

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