LED Camping Light

LED Camping Light

June 15, 2017 8 By Kevin

I am an avid outdoor person. How about you? I’m always keeping an eye out for new and innovative products to better my experience. Using versatile items that conserve space and weight. I came across a LED Camp Light that is quite handy. And I would like to share it with you.

The Sanniu Portable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb for Camping is made of a durable plastic material, with smooth manual operation and stores (5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inch) in a tiny space. Can be used as a flashlight and has a plastic hook for a tent canopy light.

One of the nice features of the Sanniu Portable LED Lantern is the dimmer control function. The lantern is energy efficient because it is a LED and is dazzling white (150 lumens). A LED Camp Lightbulb that uses three AAA batteries (not included). And the average battery life is 30 hours. Manufactured in my favorite color blue and eliminated two lights on my camping checklist.

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I do the majority of traveling to my destinations on a motorcycle. And the top case, saddlebags can handle about twenty pounds in each compartment. So space and weight are at a premium. The portable LED Lantern weighs 4.2 oz. The lantern is made of plastic and is water resistant. And has a great warranty 30-day money back guarantee or 12 months.

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2 pack

Price: $ (check on Amazon)

I use space bags for my clothes. I have two telescopic fishing poles. A soft-sided fishing bag. I have an inflatable pillow and bed. You can pack the Portable Lantern without fear of breaking it. Three AAA batteries pack quickly. The Sanniu Portable LED Lantern is a perfect companion for camping, hiking, and fishing. It is cool to the touch, no problems of getting a burn or causing a fire.

Sanniu LED Light is a multipurpose lantern utilized for a variety of applications. It gives you durability, convenience, and comes in a two pack.  All these features and benefits at a meager price.

Sanniu Portable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb for Camping

Item Weight: 4.2 oz.

Color: Blue

Size: 5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

Battery Power: AAA or 18650 (not included)

Battery Life:  30 hours (average use)

Light: Single Bulb 50,000 hour(s) long life

Material: Plastic

Operation: Manual / push button

Dimmer Control: Yes

Lumens: 150 / one bulb

Features: Portable / Multi-purpose

4.8 out of 5 stars

Reviews of this Portable LED Lantern give it thumbs up!

I have to tell you the addition of the Sanniu Portable LED Lantern Tent Lightbulb to my camping gear enhanced my outdoor experience. The light is durable. It can be packed and stored without worries of damage.

The dimmer function is a great feature. I can hook it to a tent canopy or take it on the trail as a flashlight. Having options for either installing an AAA or 18650 battery means that I will never be in a position of finding my way in the dark. The light works well, and battery life is extended. I can use this light all weekend without having to replace the batteries.

I give it 9 out of 10 stars, and I think you will too.

Are you looking for a LED camp light?

Do you need one that is portable and durable?

Would you like a dimmer function?

Do you like having options for battery power?

Then get yourself a Sanniu Potable LED Lantern Tent Light Bulb for camping, hiking, fishing or power failure.

If you are interested in another camping lantern that is portable and will save space. Check out the review on Outdoor Camping Lanterns.

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