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Is A Light Emitting Diode Better?

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I know, just like most homeowners, you are looking for ways to save energy at home. In your search for energy saving solutions, you must have come across LEDs, and you must have thought what are LEDs and how can they save me energy?

A Light Emitting Diode (LEDs) are tiny but efficient solid light bulbs. Initially, the use of LEDs was only limited to items powered by a battery like headlamps and flashlights.

LED bulbs for home use are now developed with standard bases which can fit your household most common light fixtures.

Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

1. Durable – These are solid-light bulbs which makes them easily resist breaking caused by bumping and jarring. The fact that they do not have filaments is an added advantage. This means that circumstances which would usually destroy regular incandescent bulbs do not affect LEDs light bulbs.

2. Cool – Using these light bulbs for the home will bring a cooling effect in your home. This is because these bulbs don’t cause a build-up of heat. They produce less heat compared to common incandescent bulbs which get hot and cause your home to be hot in the process. The use of LED light bulbs will bring down the air conditioning costs in your home.

3. Long lasting – LEDs light bulbs have a more extended shelf-life compared to compact fluorescents and incandescent light bulbs. They last ten times more compared to compact fluorescents and 40 times more compared to incandescent bulbs.

4. More efficient – LED light bulbs only use a third of the energy used by CFL and incandescent light bulbs. The use of LED light bulbs for home save electricity, make your home cooler and saves replacement costs since LEDs light bulbs are longlasting. The purpose of small flashlight LED lamps will have an extended battery life of 10-15 years compared to incandescent light bulbs.

5. Mercury-free – Unlike CFLs light bulbs which contain mercury which is a toxic metal, LEDs light bulbs are manufactured without any mercury content making them safe for the environment.

6. Cost-effective – In the last few years, the cost of buying new LED light bulbs has been going down, and it’s expected to cost lesser in the near future. 

7. Can be used for remote and small generators and remote areas – Using LED light bulbs is ideal for small and portable generators which you may be used for power backup in case of emergencies at home.

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The Energy Efficiency of LEDs Compared to Other Lighting Technologies

– LEDs use about 25-80 percent less energy compared to incandescent which saves homeowners money.

– LEDs can last up to 25 times more compared to traditional lighting sources.

– They emit light in a specific direction which eliminates the need for diffusers and reflectors used to trap light. This feature makes LEDs efficient for many home uses like task lighting and recessed downlights.

– LEDs emit little heat compared to other lighting sources leaving your room cooler. The use of LEDs eliminates the need for air conditioning saving you air conditioning costs in your home. 

Disadvantages of LED Light Bulbs

– LEDs are expensive to manufacture which limits their widespread use. 

– This limits would be users due to their initial high cost.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Light Bulbs

– Desired brightness – Choosing a light bulb with a higher lumen will give you a brighter LED light bulb. 

– Choose between cool and warm light – A cool white light is ideal for task lighting while a warm light is used for small area lighting.

– Choose between a pin base and standard base – You can choose between screws and pins bases for either track or recessed lighting.

– You can choose between dimmable and standard bulbs – You can select dimmable bulbs which will work on any dimmer switch.

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 How will LEDs help reduce your home energy consumption?

– LEDs emit very little heat leaving your home cooler eliminating the need to air condition your home reducing the energy and costs of air conditioning.

– They emit light in a specific direction eliminating the need for reflectors and diffusers to trap light increasing their efficiency. This can be used in downlights and task lighting.

– The Energy Star rated LEDs will use at least 75 percent less energy compared to other lighting sources and last 25 times longer. This feature makes LEDs light bulbs more energy efficient and in turn, help reduce your home energy consumption.

The Lifespan of LEDs Compared to Other Lighting Sources

LEDs light bulbs do not fail or burn out; they experience lumen depreciation. The brightness of LEDs reduces over time, and they have a ten times longer lifespan compared to compact fluorescent. 

These are solid bulbs which cannot be damaged easily by jarring and bumping like other light bulbs which aren’t this sturdy. 

LEDs do not use filament which makes them resistant to braking by factors which would easily break an incandescent light bulb.

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Are LED Light Bulbs Worth Paying More On The Front End?

LEDs light bulbs cost a little more compared to other lighting sources but are they worth the high cost?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. The initial cost of buying LEDs light bulbs is slightly higher compared to other lighting sources, but in the end, LEDs saves you lots of money and energy.

LEDs light bulbs are durable and long lasting eliminating the need for regular replacement compared to traditional lighting sources.

They emit less heat leaving your home cooler which eliminates the need for air conditioning. This will save you air conditioning costs in the long run.

LEDs light bulbs last up to 25 percent more compared to other lighting sources which will save you money.

They are energy efficient saving you up to 75 percent of energy costs used at home.


Homeowners should consider using LED bulbs for home use since they are energy efficient and last longer.

There are several benefits associated with the use of LED light bulbs for the home like reduced air conditioning costs. This is because LED light bulbs bring a cooling effect to your home.

The initial cost of purchasing LED light bulbs is high, but the benefits outweigh this minor limitation.

LEDs are small, dependable and efficient light bulbs which will last up to 25 times more compared to traditional lighting sources

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3 replies on “Is A Light Emitting Diode Better?”

Wonderful and oh yes light emitting diodes are better than regular lights. Love your inspector ” lil” sherlock holmes he’s cute. One beauty I love about LED’s is that they are soft and not harsh on the eyes or the mood. You can relax with them especially outdoors and not become tense due to the brightness.

Wonderful presentation and nicely written. You hold the reader’s attention yet explain easily for anyone to understand. I’m glad to see your site since so many people just pooh pooh the subject and continue with the old lighting and don’t care what the pay or what they’re losing by not using LED’s.
I switched my whole house a few years back and you could see the difference in the electric bill within a month. I recently switched my headlights as well and boy what a difference. I can see now very clearly at night and they don’t affect oncoming drivers like I thought they might.

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