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How the LED Light Bulb Is Saving the World

October is National Energy Efficiency Month. And LED light bulbs are the pinnacle of energy efficiency. What comes to your mind when you hear the word “energy efficiency”? Do you think of gas efficient automobiles, furnaces or appliances? I’m curious did a “LED light bulb” pop into your head?

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Why LEDs are the Secret Ingredient

To discover the secret ingredients of LEDs all you have to do is look at the economic impact LED light bulbs have in your community.

LED light bulbs use less electricity than typical light bulbs. LEDs on electric bill calculatoraverage are more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. And of your utility bill is impacted by your light usage. If you weren’t aware, electricity prices rose 3% in the first six months of 2016. And heating your home is expected to rise this winter. So, what can you do to reduce your utility bills?

LEDs have little impact on the environment. Compared to CFL’s or Fluorescent that must be disposed of correctly due to the mercury contained in these bulbs. And LEDs are reducing the carbon footprint.

Street lights and other public areas using high-pressure sodium or metal halide bulbs are high maintenance. LED light bulbs require less maintenance than traditional light bulbs.

Energy efficiency enables your local government to reduce expenditures that impact your taxes. The money saved by implementing LED light bulbs stays in your local and state governments. Giving them options for creating jobs. Which helps define economic growth.

LEDs have a long life, and payback usually occurs after five to seven years. The efficiency of LEDs reduces waste. Helping to keep the rates your paying for electricity low.

Electric plants don’t have to purchase as much fuel to keep up with the demand for electricity. Helping reduce the effect of air pollution from using fossil power plants.

Utility plants will not have to build more power plants. Another fact of keeping electric rates low. Your community and you will personally benefit.


How LEDs Light Bulbs Can Help You Live A Better Life

We all want to have a better life, right? And you have read how LEDs can help. Now take an inventory of the current light bulbs in your home. How many lamps do you have with traditional incandescent or CFL’s? Do you have some fluorescent tube light fixtures? Do they have a T-8, T-10, or T-12 fluorescent tubes still in them?

LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescents and two thirds more efficient than CFLs. LEDS save on your electric bill, reduces the carbon footprint emissions. These contribute to greener living and a fuller wallet.

LEDs have negligible heat output. Compared to a traditional incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulb. Compact fluorescent bulbs produce 80% more heat than a LED light bulb.

The heat emitted by incandescents and CFLs contribute to increased cycling of your air conditioning unit. These factors have an impact on your electric usage.

Compact fluorescent bulbs have a life of ten years in ideal conditions. Placing CFLs in less favorable conditions like basements, exterior fixtures, ceiling fans will have a definite effect on the life of a CFL.

These factors cause them to fail sooner. CFLs take a few minutes to warm up to full brightness. And CFLs in an exterior fixture when it is cold even longer to come to light.

Don’t let inefficient lighting lead to a safety issue.

CFLs and fluorescent tube lights require special disposal. Because CFLs and fluorescent tube lights contain a hazardous material called mercury. If the bulb breaks, it will release the mercury and cause an environmental impact or health problem.

LEDs last twenty years. LEDs are durable, vibration resistant, and work well in enclosed fixtures as well as less favorable environments. The moment you flip the switch LED light bulbs to come on instantly. And LED light bulbs contain no hazardous materials, so they are safe to use in any environment.

CFLs cannot be dimmed or programmed. They can only be turned on and off manually by the switch. They are stand-alone light bulbs. LED light bulbs are incredibly flexible as compared to Compact Fluorescents and tube lights.

Specific LED bulbs can be programmed, dimmed as well as change color. Or you can set them to a particular schedule. To greet you when you arrive home or turn off when you decide to turn-in. LED smart bulbs can steam music or pulse to the beat of the music you are streaming. You can manipulate them remotely from an app on your smart devices.

Some LED light bulbs can track your household energy to help you understand your energy usage. Other LED smart bulbs have cameras that can assist you with security issues. LEDs are pretty bright. Don’t you agree?


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Led Light Bulbs Aren’t As Bad As You Think

LED light bulbs are what I think of when I hear the phrase “ENERGY EFFICIENCY.” There are LEDs for any application you might require. When you are thinking about (replacing your burned out light bulbs), think about replacing them with a LED light bulb.

Compare the burned out light bulb with the LED light bulb replacement. Look at the size, Kelvins, and color temperature. Compare wattage to lumens equivalents.

Yes, you are going to see that the price of a LED light bulb is more than a compact fluorescent light bulb or a fluorescent tube light. But the benefits are durability, long life, and payback with-in five to seven years. You won’t have to replace all of your bulbs at one time. Start with the light bulbs that burn out or the ones you use the most. Or the bulbs in those hard to reach areas.

I started by replacing my higher fixtures first. Ones that I had to get a ladder out to replace that burned out. Then I replaced the ones in the bathroom, bedrooms and living room. The bulbs that were being used the most in my home.

Later I replaced the light bulbs that didn’t see much use. Now my entire home is converted to LED light bulbs. I installed motion sensor light switches in my garage, basement, and my grandkids bedrooms.

I don’t have to worry about them not turning the lights off anymore. It’s been more than a year now, and I can compare my utility bills and see a reduction in my electric bill.

do LEDs save energy logoLED light bulbs are a winning proposition for energy efficiency, my local economy, jobs, and helping the environment.

Are you a smart consumer? You want what is best for your world and the world around you.

LED light bulbs will have an immediate effect on reducing your budget.

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