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Home Monitoring Systems

5 Main Benefits Of Home Monitoring

Home monitoring systems are devices that help enhance the protection of your home when you are at work, vacation or asleep. They include home alarms and sensors, central hub controllers, smart door locks, thermostats, security cameras, appliance and outlet controls, and smart lighting and much more.

These devices not only provide you protection against break-ins, burglars, and intrusions but also allows you to accomplish several tasks remotely. playground for kidsThey’ve become an everyday staple in most modern homes.

If you’ve got kids, seniors, and pets that need close monitoring, then these devices should be your essentials. Giving you peace of mind, adding confidence that family and property are safe and secure.

How Home Monitoring Systems Work

Home monitoring systems are designed to provide easy monitoring of occupants, pets, elderly and kids. These systems come with control panels that arm and disarm your home alarm system.

They also communicate with your monitoring agency and notify those in your contact list. Doors and window sensors are integrated to connect with the control tower.

security cameraMonitoring lets you know that your property’s entry points are secure or not. Smart home monitoring systems like smart wireless cameras come equipped with motion sensors for both interior and exterior.

These help to protect a specified space by creating an invisible zone that triggers an alarm when breached. Wireless or wired security cameras can monitor hard-to-see areas of your home.

If you want to track entry points and remote property, then wireless unsecured doorcameras are ideal. When a breach or break-in occurs, a high-decibel alarm or siren will alert you that a problem has occurred. The monitoring company receives a notification, providing a quick response.

Wireless home monitoring gives you wireless control. You can tilt, pan and change the orientation and angle of your camera remotely with the use of your smartphone. Giving you the option to watch specific spaces of your home.

Surveillance is a way for you to stay in touch with the safety of your home even when you are away. What are the benefits of home monitoring systems? They allow you to check in with your loved ones.

Home monitoring systems make it easy for you to monitor your loved ones senior with a walkerat home throughout the day. You can connect it to your smartphone, so you listen to live audio and see live footage of your children, pets, and seniors while away.

In case, you have a caregiver at home; you can also check their progress with ease wherever you are.

Smart cameras can be installed at entry points so you can get alerts every time your child arrives home from school or spouse comes from work. Protecting your loved ones from dangerous situations.

Place Smart cameras at all corners of your home. They are ideal if you have curious children that often go to places they should not like cabinets, unsupervised swimming pools, and gun safes.

When these cameras detect motion, you get notified so you can take quick response. It saves you on insurance premiums. Insurance companies tend to weigh risks when quoting insurance premiums for homes.

If you’ve installed a smart home monitoring system, then you stand a chance of enjoying lower premiums compared to homes with no monitoring at all.

Protect Your Home Against Fires And Potential Hazards

We tend to think that home monitoring systems are only designed to prevent intrusions. However, these systems can give you an early warning about fire outbreak or presence of carbon monoxide.

firemen fighting a fireSmoke or fire/burglar alarm systems can notify you in time in case of fire outbreak. They not only warn you of the presence of smoke in your home but also give you the source. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are inexpensive.

You can have at least two working alarms for your home. If you have a big house, you can consider some smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

They help you regulate your home. Smart home monitoring systems come equipped with specialized equipment such as thermostats that help to keep steady energy use. It means you can control your home’s temperature remotely without having to worry.

It is even paramount especially when you have unplanned events such as dinners or house parties. These systems allow you to keep your guests comfortable.

Moreover, eventually translating to cost savings regarding heating and cooling bills. Home monitoring systems improve the resale value of your home.

Installing a home monitoring system that gives your home defense against potential hazards is a considerable investment. If you are considering selling your home, it will be an added advantage from the buyer’s perspective if it has a reliable home monitoring system. It potentially raises your ask price.

How Essential Are Home Monitoring Systems?

Home monitoring systems are very essential. Statistics show that homes not monitored are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience hazards and be targeted by burglars.

thiefIntrusions happen approximately every half a second and 66 percent of them are residential. Fires and other potential hazards can also occur if you don’t give your home proper monitoring.

Therefore your home is no exception when it comes to break-in. Taking steps to install a home monitoring systems as a protection for your home is a pretty good move.

If you have elderly, incapacitated individuals, pets and small kids at home that need close monitoring, then these systems are indispensable.

For instance, seniors who are unable to get out of a building in case of an emergency requires close attention. Smart home monitoring systems can alert you in time so you can act.

Moreover, your valuables need protection as well and keeping an eye on your home from a distance is an enormous undertaking. Also, household lights, air conditioning, and heating should be monitored. All these become simple when you have a security monitoring system.

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How home monitoring systems can complement existing security system.

Home monitoring systems can be programmed to signal other security systems like alarms in case need arises. You can integrate them to activate the alarm in the event of a fire outbreak, break-in, or motion detection.

However, you may need a professional to help you install and integrate them to work cohesively with your existing security system.

Additionally, most of these systems are compatible with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. You can use your smartphone to turn off the lights, lock your door or even arm your system with a simple voice command.


Home monitoring is paramount whether you are at home or away from home. Giving you multiple facets of protection including sound and motion detection among other potential dangers.

They are primarily essential if you have seniors living with you, kids or pets at home. You can safeguard your home from possible hazards by integrating these systems with your security.


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