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Awake and Alert LED

By Lighting Science LEDs

Healthy living at home can be a challenge. Not only do we have to watch what foods we eat, but the amount of sleep we’re also getting. Finding that balance can be frustrating in many cases.

Update: The Awake and Alert Bulb is currently unavailable

It becomes a challenge every day planning to accomplish all the goals we set for ourselves. And still getting enough sleep. We all have just one more small detail to get done. Don’t you agree? There aren’t enough hours in a day for what we have to do.

When we finally do finish all our chores. We want to relax and finally get some sleep. Most times, though, our minds are still racing from the day’s activities worrying about tomorrow’s chores, errands, and appointments. And we lie there staring at the ceiling.

Is Your Lighting The Problem?

Are you aware that lighting plays an essential part for you to fall asleep? Research has suggested that our home lighting can be keeping us awake.

That’s right! The light bulbs you use can be keeping you awake at night, including Smart devices and televisions.

It is recommended to turn these electronic devices off a few hours before bedtime. These devices emit a blue light which inhibits you from falling asleep.

Learn How Lighting Plays an Essential Part In Our Daily Activities

By turning on your LED efficient light bulbs can keep you from getting a good nights rest. Using Led light bulbs emit blue light that research suggests affects melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that helps us fall asleep. LEDs give off more blue light than compact fluorescents (CFL), and incandescents give off little blue light. Any light suppresses melatonin.

Next, I will offer you a few choices to help remedy the problems that come with the lighting you use in your home.

Nice to have Options

When I was reading about this dilemma, I decided to do some research online to see what was available for us. There are a variety of choices out there, but here is what I learned.

 How To Stay Awake Using a LED Light Bulb

I discovered two LED light bulbs manufactured by Lighting Science called the Definitely Digital Awake and Alert Light Bulb and the Definitely Digital Night LED.

First, how could we benefit from the utilization of this lighting, and how these LEDs could help us stay awake and assist us in trying to fall asleep.

The Definitely Digital Awake and Alert bulb come on instantaneously bringing it to full brightness emitting blue light. This lamp has proven itself when used to give you more energy, alertness, and enhanced quality of life. They are LED and outperform traditional incandescents and are high-efficient.


How To Fall Asleep Using a LED Light Bulb

The Good Night LED Light Bulb was one of the other choices.  This lamp emits less blue light and has a bright, warm glow. Designed for everyday use. People with sleep disorders use these bulbs.

Product: Lighting Science FG-02263 Good Night LED Household Light Bulbs

Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 5.8

Warranty: 5-years limited

My Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Good Day LED

Lighting Science also has the Good Day LED with a similar configuration.

Lighting Science developed both LEDs to be biologically correct.

The Awake and Alert LED (BR30) 65w replacement bulb.

Good Night LEDs is a 60w replacement light bulb.

Having @ 25,000 hour(s) life span 23 years (3 hours @ day).

The light emitted is blueish.

Product: Lighting Science GoodDay HealthE LED Light Bulb

Size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.2

Warranty: 5-year limited

My Rating: 7.5 out of 10

(Digital Awake and Alert & Good Day)

Lighting Science LEDs using innovation for easy living at home.

These three LED light bulbs will significantly impact on our lives.

Get your Lighting Science LEDs Today!!

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