Green Bay Packers Light Fixture Renovation

Green Bay Packers Light Fixture Renovation

Light Fixture Hikes Fans Experience

Green Bay Packer’s home field at Lambeau Stadium gets a light fixture facelift. To be completed before the start of the new football season. The Stadium has had many renovations since opening over 60 years ago. This upgrade to the light fixtures will reduce the Packer’s the maintenance and electric cost. While improving the overall fans viewing experience.

Of course, back then in 1957, it was called City Stadium, then in August 1965, the name was changed again in memory of Packer founder, player, and head coach, Coach Curly Lambeau.

Just like the name of the Stadium that has evolved the lighting is changing.

Lambeau Field is removing the less energy efficient lighting fixtures and replacing them with LED lighting fixtures.

Installing the new LED light fixtures will bring a new-look to the Stadium. The LED light bulbs will have a color rendering index that will be the closest to natural sunlight.

Spectator’s View Will Be Dynamic

For us, as spectators, it means that the colors around the Stadium will radiate like never before. Player’s and their uniforms will look like you are viewing them in an art gallery.

As for the Green Bay Packers, the LEDs will reduce energy consumption by sixty-percent. And they will get the same amount of light installing half as many lighting fixtures.

Upgrading to LED lights in Lambeau Field Packers will reduce the maintenance cost of maintaining the lighting. Moreover, the fantastic experience for fans at the Stadium or home watching the game.

Packer fans saw the last major renovation which updated the facility in 2003. Adding premium seating, maintaining the bowl seating, keeping the natural grass on the playing field.

Along with replacing the outdated lighting, and converting to LEDs. The playing field is also a part of the renovation. To be completed by the first regular-season night game against the Chicago Bears.

Converting To Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Most LEDs are a direct replacement. And there are a few things you need to remember when selecting your new bulbs. Choosing a LED for your floor lamp that recommends a 60-watt bulb can be a little confusing.

First, forget about wattage, wattage is the amount of energy a bulb consumes. When you find the LED light bulb you want to check the Lumens, a 60-watt equivalent led 800 Lumens only consumes about 9.5 watts.

Secondly, take into consideration the color temperature. The color temperature is how bright the LED light bulb will be. The scale of color temperatures for LEDs ranges from 2,200K-6.500K.

A 2,700 color temperature is similar to a traditional light bulb. Another example of color temperature would be a 3,200K-3,500K like the lighting you would find in offices. Moving up the scale to 4,000K-6,500K the bluer the illumination. Used for security lighting or warehouse fixtures.


Selecting the lamps for your light fixture is not going to be difficult when you have some basic guidelines. Changing your thinking just a bit will help you find the right LED light bulb. Instead of wattage, think Lumens,(the amount of light), brightness think Kelvin (color temperature).

Need more information check out the rest of the website Do LEDs save Energy. If you are still having trouble finding the answer to your lighting questions? Contact me, and I will gladly give you a hand.



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