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You flip the light switch, and the light doesn’t work. Upon further inspection, you determine the fluorescent light has burned out. You get in your car and drive to the hardware store. Make your way to the lighting aisle. And become overwhelmed with the number of choices.

Guaranteed No Stress LED Light Bulbs

When you have to replace your compact fluorescent lamps, you start to wonder what the best option is? Should you replace them with a CFL or a LED. Did you know CFL’s (compact fluorescent light) bulbs are starting to be phased out?


GE, as well as many other companies, are moving towards LED light bulbs. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are not as efficient as a LED light bulb (light emitting diode). CFL’s contain mercury which is an environmental hazard. LEDs don’t contain mercury. SO LEDs have less of an environmental impact. An are 80 percent energy efficient than traditional light bulbs.

Many of the CFL light bulbs with their configuration will not fit in the light fixture; we want to use them in.

Even though they are more energy efficient than the general-purpose light bulbs we are replacing.

I decided that since CFL’s are going away. And many of us are looking for a replacement light bulb. I would do some investigating to find what a suitable replacement LED light bulb would be. It would be a LED light bulb that would be a 60-watt equivalent.

Get Rid Of Compact Fluorescent Lights For Good

I surfed the internet for the best replacement available and came across two light bulbs manufactured by GE.

1. GE Lighting 79368 LED Bright Stick, 10-watt (60-watt replacement), 760 Lumens Light Bulb with Medium Base, Soft White, (2850k)

Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.1 x 1.1 ( E26-E27 base)

Wattage: 60 ( other varieties Bright Stick are available)

40-watt 450 Lumens

60-watt 760 Lumens

100-watt 1520 Lumens / Soft White (2850K) / Daylight White (5000K)

Voltage: 120v

Life: 15,000 hour(s) 13.7 year(s) @ 3 hour(s) a day

Energy Savings: @ $82.00 @ year

Damp / UL-listed / non-enclosed fixture / non-dimmable

Environment: No Mercury

4.6 out of 5 stars

Newer version: 79368 Bright Stick /Soft White/ Medium Base/ 760 Lumens/ 16pk. / $ (check on Amazon)

Order your Bright Stick LED Light Bulb Today!

Price: 2 and 3-pack $(check on Amazon) and up

Available: Amazon

2. GE Lightin LED Bright Stick 10-watt (60-watt replacement) 760 Lumens, Light Bulb, Daylight White, (5000K)

Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.1 x 1.1 (E26, E27)

Voltage: 120v

Life: 15,000 hour(s) 13.7 year(s) @ 3 hour(s) 2 day

Energy Savings: @ $82.00 @ year

Indoor general purpose use  / UL-listed / Non-enclosed fixture

4.6 out of 5 stars


Wattage: 40-watt 450 lumens, 60-watt 760 lumens, 100-watt 1520 lumens / Soft White(2850K), Daylight White (5000K)

G.E. Bright Stick will fit most light fixtures

G.E. Bright Stick is energy efficient

Click the highlighted link above to order your Bright Stick LED Light Bulb!

GE Bright Stick is exceptionally compact.

GE Bright Stick is a long life light bulb.

Excellent lighting choices for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

GE makes it easy to start using LED Light Bulbs to replace Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.


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