Efficient Energy Use

Efficient Energy Use

 How To Reduce Your Bills In One Day

Are you taking advantage of your utility, state and local government programs for efficient energy use? 

If you haven’t, you are not getting the full benefit of these programs. They were initiated to reduce our power consumption for the demise of traditional light bulbs.

Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) since 2007 has focused on reducing the energy usage of light bulbs and other goods. Setting standards for traditional light bulbs to be twenty-five percent better energy efficiency. Two programs that are most recognized are the Energy Star program and Lighting facts.

EISA offers free or subsidized high efficient bulbs, and education to the public on the market today.Two programs that are most familiar are the Energy Star program and Lighting facts. Energy Star does rigorous testing to ensure the consumer who sees the Energy Star that the product they are buying is a quality product.  The Energy Star and Light Facts are resources for the user. And can be found on some goods, such as light bulbs, appliances, etc.

Profit From A Home Audit Checklist

Did you know that your local utility company offers free (or a nominal fee) home energy audits? You can schedule a home energy audit, and then you receive a report of energy saving suggestions. To help customers make informed decisions for making a plan and efficient energy use for their homes.

The process of the home energy audit checklist encompasses your entire home. The technician will check window, doors, baseboards, switch, and receptacles for air leaks. He will assess your foundation for cracks. Check the insulation in your walls and attic. He will look at appliances, furnace, water heater and air conditioning. He makes suggestions along the way of his inspection explaining the benefits of doing replacements and repairs. His recommendations can save you 10-20 percent on your utility costs a year.  

Out of the majority of home, audits performed. One particular item that listed in just about every review is replacing traditional light bulbs and replacing them with LEDs or compact fluorescent lamps. The reason for this is that your lighting makes up the majority of your utility bill and it is the easiest one to remedy.

As you might know, you are having a harder time trying to buy incandescent light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs will be phased out entirely and soon to follow will be fluorescent lamps. The three-way light bulb was added to the list by President Obama’s last full day in office but was repealed by President Trump after he became President.

There are only a few bulbs left that don’t fall into the category to be phased out. They are the oven light, rough service light bulb, and bug lights. Many lighting companies have already moved to manufacturing better energy efficient light bulbs. In the future, you will have a choice of LEDs or CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights).

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 Ignoring Your Home Audit Will Cost You Money 

The easiest way to take action even on a tight budget is to replace your light bulbs. The home energy audit will give you idea’s of how to proceed with a plan. You might not be able to make all the recommendations provided by the checklist. You are the only one who knows your budget.

Your lighting is the simplest way to get started. You will not need a professional for most of the upgrades. If you can change a light bulb, you are on your way to saving time and money. Having a plan to start implementing the suggestions of your state, local government or utility provider will put money in your pocket. And if you are a DIY (do it yourself) person you can use the links below to obtain a home audit checklist. So take advantage of these programs.

LEDs (light emitting diode) and compact fluorescent lights are 25 to 80 percent more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs. And are the easiest way to impact your utility bills and start saving money and power. The costs of LEDs and CFL’s have dropped significantly since their introduction. They are more expensive initially but will last for years and have a shorter payback time.

LED technology now has direct replacement bulbs. No need to replace the fixture in most instances you just have to bypass the ballast. Others will be a direct replacement. Whether you have fluorescent fixtures, High Bay lights, or a table lamp. They are 80 percent more energy efficient than Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium, or Halogens, etc. Depending on your applications there is a LED or CFL that will be an energy efficient replacement. Click below to find how to improve energy efficient use in your home.

Can You Pass The Home Energy Audit?

You can check out home energy audits from the links below

American households use a variety of light bulbs.


Do it yourself home energy audit.


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