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Dreaming of Outdoor Lighting

One Surprisingly Effective Way To Outdoor Lighting

Did you know you can smarten up your outdoor lighting? As technology changes so do the ways, we light our homes. No matter what the reason you want to convert to smart bulbs. There are a few things to keep in mind.

First, what is a smart bulb and how does it work?  

Smart bulbs are LEDs that are WiFi empowered bulbs. These LEDs can be programmed and customized for automation and remote control. You control the rainbow of color and the brightness of the lamp. You customize and fine-tune the outside of your home to set the mood for the activities planned there.

Smart Bulbs are entirely different from the incandescent light bulb.

An app controls most Smart Bulbs downloaded to your smartphone or smart device. The app manages the intensity of light, the colors, and dimmable features of the bulbs. Also, can adjust the warmth of the color temperature emitted. (warm white, daylight white, cool white).

echo dot, smartphoneAdd smart things to your arsenal of color changing lights. Great compliments are Alexa and Google Assistant. These intelligent devices open up another gallery of voice-controlled options. Syncing all your bulbs with one app as well as smart assistants.

Not all Smart Bulbs require a HUB.  Some Smart Bulbs connect directly to your router via wifi, Bluetooth, laptop, tablet or phone.

Control Your Smart Bulbs from Anywhere In The World! 

Smart Bulbs offer convenience and peace of mind. The scheduling features you set up, so the lights come on when you arrive home. You control the lighting inside individual rooms in your house or around the outside all from a single app.  Smart bulbs add decoration, security, and convenience to your lifestyle.

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Decorating with Smart bulbs makes you the magician of illumination. Change the colors of a Smart Bulb(s) just by swiping your finger over the color wheel. The color changing wheel can have up to 16 million different color variations. When you find the shade that you want all you do is tap the screen.

Move Back to Traditional Colors

You can slide the color wheel and to a golden yellow to warm up a room. Or move the color wheel to the shades of blue to cool the light down. The color wheel lets you select the traditional color temperatures warm white, daylight white, and cool white.

Smart Bulbs Stream Music

Some Smart Bulbs have a built-in speaker(s) that play music. Also, they change colors to the beat of the music. You can have a whole house sound system just by twisting in a Smart Bulb. You’ll create the perfect match between music and illumination.

Smart Bulbs Help You Sleep?

The truth of the matter is, light plays a part in how we feel every day. Our brains produce two hormones, one is serotonin, and the other is melatonin.

Using the wrong color temperatures for a room might create a health issue. One important step to remember for choosing the right light bulb is selecting the correct color temperature.

For example, for rooms where you are working, you want daylight white or cool white. These color temperatures help produce the hormone called serotonin. Serotonin makes you feel energized and ready for the day.

Moreover, the spaces you plan on relaxing a warm white. The reason for using a warm white in a bedroom is so your brain can manufacture a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin helps prepare your body to relax and ready to sleep.

I read a story some time ago about a New York Burrough. The Burrough was scheduled to remove all the inefficient lamps from the street and alleys. And replace them with LED light bulbs.

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The traditional lamps had a color temperature of 2,700K (warm white), and the new LEDs had a color temperature of 6,500K (bright white). After several weeks of retrofitting the City of New York began to receive several complaints from residents that lived in the burro.

The complaints ranged from not being able to sleep, to just too bright. They were happy to see the usual dark side streets lit up but unhappy with how bright the LEDs were.

So the City of New York decided to remedy the problem by replacing all the LEDs (6,500K) with a 3,500K LED. After finishing, the City of New York and the residents both achieved their goals. New York City wanted to reduce their power consumption, and residents were able to sleep and the much-needed safety lighting.

Smart bulbs have all the features and benefits to customize lighting in any part of your home. Some Smart Bulbs even imitate the sun. They use a timer to mimic the sun setting. Once you enable the pre-programmed Smart Bulb, the bright illumination slowly extinguishes itself to darkness or a night light setting.

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Smart Bulbs And Safety & Security

Some Smart Bulbs feature a trouble alarm. They can be programmed to flash when they detect smoke. Moreover, some Smart Bulbs can wake you up in the morning. Starting out dimly lit and gradually moving to full brightness. No need for an intrusive sounding alarm clock.

Smart Bulbs Are The Simplest Way To Make Your Home Unique

Smart Bulbs come with a variety of features and benefits. They come equipped with multiple color choices, sleep modes, dimmer control, and alarms. They can stream music to help you relax or get your party going. Or give peace of mind when your away from home.

There are many affordable options for making your home a Smart Home. Here are just a few. To smarten any bulb in your home is easy to do.

Outside Smart Bulbs and Placement

For outside lighting, there are a few things to think about before making a choice. Where are the locations of the light bulbs you chose to smarten up? Are they in an enclosed fixture? Or are they exposed to the elements?

These elements are going to play an important part when you make your purchase. Are you going to replace a bulb exposed to rain and snow? If so, you have to select a Smart Bulb that is weather-rated. Choosing the correct weather-rating is going to play a significant part in the life of the bulb.

If the outside environment isn’t going to play a part then selecting a comparable Smart Bulb should be just fine.

A few recommendations for weather-rated Smart Bulbs are the Phillips Hue Outside Smart Bulbs (available this summer), and the Sylvania Smart Plus LED. (outdoor use) Phillips is set to release a whole new line of outdoor lighting.

The MagicLight Bluetooth Smart Lightbulb is an excellent choice for Smart bulb lighting. MagicLight doesn’t require a HUB. Just use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. (indoor use)

The Sylvania Smart Plus does need the Zigbee HUB. Or similar Smart Things device, Wink, or Amazon Echo Plus. (indoor use)



Smart bulbs play a unique part in home decorating. Never before has a light bulb been able to do so many wondrous things. I think if Thomas Edison could see how far his invention has come would be amazed.

The technology of LEDs is improving every day. For instance, using LIFX LED light bulbs with built-in Wifi. It has never been easier to bring your home into the 21st-century.

LED light bulbs are energy efficient, instant savings when you flip the switch. Give us a way to manage our lighting from anywhere with an app on our smartphone, tablet or laptop. Help maintain a safe and secure home environment. Also, an added benefit of decorating with up to 16 million different colors when we feel the whim.


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