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Do LED Christmas Lights Use Less Electricity

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I’ll Give You The Truth About LED Christmas Lights

You’ve turned back your clocks. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now you are thinking about how you are going to set up your Holiday lighting decorations.

You take down all the boxes in your attic or garage that say Christmas Decorations. And you open the boxes that have X-Mas
lights on them.

You pull out the first strand, plug them in only to discover after plugging them in several are burned out or worse broken. And other’s are just plain outdated.

So you grab the car keys and head off to find replacement bulbs or light strands.

As you stroll down the aisle, you begin to realize the traditional Christmas c9 lights aren’t even on the shelf. You also take the time to move some light boxes off the shelf to see; maybe they’ve just hidden them, and you just don’t see them.

Just when you finish putting all the light boxes back a store clerk excuses himself to get by you. You stop him and ask, ” where are the c9 Christmas light located?” He answers, “if you can’t find them here on the shelf we’re out of them.”

Yes, traditional Christmas lights are incandescents. They are in the Dept. of Energy list of light bulbs to phase out. Christmas incandescent string of lights still can be found, but they are becoming harder to find.

Christmas led lights

Do LED Christmas Lights Save Money

Since the introduction of LEDs (light emitting diode) to the market shopping for replacement light bulbs has changed tremendously. We go down the light bulb aisle and become overwhelmed with all the varieties of light bulbs.

The reason is that the traditional incandescent Christmas lights aren’t energy efficient. Produce an enormous amount of heat. Have the potential of causing fires. Don’t meet the new energy lighting efficiency standards of the Department of Energy.

LEDs use less electricity, lasts up to ten times longer. Stay cool to the touch. LEDs are incredibly durable, shock resistant because they do not use a filament or glass globe. Most LEDs come with a three- year warranty. Compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Do LED Christmas Lights Save You Money

A six-foot Christmas tree decorated with traditional lights burning for a twelve hour period consumes about ten dollars of energy. As opposed to a LED light strand that only uses one-sixth of the electricity to do the same job.

Incandescent light bulbs life-span is about 3,000 hour(s). LED light bulbs are rated for 25,000-50,000 and can reach up to 100,000 hour(s).

Is There a Downside to LEDs

The downside of switching to LEDs is the initial cost. They are pricey to buy, but you will save electricity using LEDs. Last for years, saving you trips to the store and the expense of replacing burn out bulbs will pay for themselves years to come.

3 Tips About Holiday Lights You Can’t Afford To Miss

The best way to ensure you will get the Holiday light display is to cruise the store display decorations. Look before you buy, check out the type of color and the illumination you desire. Be sure to check out the utility rebates in your area.

Some LEDs are available with smart device apps. Usually are free to download and use. Remote control LED lighting comes with preprogrammed displays. Other’s give you the option to set a program to the illumination effect you wish to create. Versatility you might want to consider before getting the LED lights. I love this feature, don’t you agree?

Don’t Have a Receptacle Outside

Miniature LED lighting strips, like Dew Drop lights, are great for glass container displays, plants, floral centerpieces. Make perfect decorations for lighting a hand-rail etc.

Dew Drop lighting come in an array of colors, look as if they are floating in space. And are available in battery operated or plug-in options.

Tree Decorating Suggestions

Use strands of lights that are six inches or less apart. Wrapping the tree from the trunk and spacing the strands less than three inches apart. Consistently wrapping the branches moving until you reach the top of the tree.

How To Get Fabulous Holiday Lighting on a Tight Budget

Now you can have the Holiday Light display using LED Light Bulbs that won’t break the bank.

LEDs are available in a variety of colors and are energy efficient, and will last for years.

You can create the Holiday Display that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

One of the best Holiday Lighting Displays I ever had the pleasure of viewing was the Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights. I think you will agree.

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4 replies on “Do LED Christmas Lights Use Less Electricity”

Hello, Jeff

For most of us replacing burned out light bulbs is the most economical way to go. It is true LED bulbs are more expensive on the front end. The returns on your investment will pay you back over a very short period of time. Because of the long life of LEDs, energy efficiency. LEDs are on an average of 80 percent more efficient. Immediate savings as soon as you flip the light switch. 

 I chose to replace the light bulbs in those hard to reach areas first. And then the bulbs that I could reach without getting out a ladder. 

Thanks for commenting,


LED lights are the lights of the future without a doubt, I would think after reading your article going from traditional lights to LED lights are the most economical way to go.

I have been gradually replacing my old lights with LED lights to make changing over easier on my pocket book, but no matter how you switch you are going to save money with LED lights.

Hello, Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you found my information helpful. I believe you have made the right decision about LED lighting for your Christmas tree. LEDs are the consumers smart choice for all their light bulb replacements.

I found this article extremely helpful. I did open my box of Christmas Lights from last year and two of the sets no longer worked. I found myself trying to decide whether to buy LED this year or the old standard lights. After reading your article about Christmas lights and how much I could save on my electric bill, I decided to buy all LED lights for our tree this year.

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