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Color Changing Light Bulb, Review

My last post was about Smart bulbs and smart home automation. Today I would like to expand on that topic. With the Color Changing Light Bulb produced by Wigbow. It is no ordinary 60-Watt replacement light bulb. Keep reading, and find out what makes this bulb so impressive. 

This 60-Watt equivalent replacement LED lamp has some extraordinary features and benefits. The first and foremost feature it has 16 million colors that can be controlled by your smart devices. You can set the mood and ambiance in any room.

The Wigbow Smart bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home for voice management of your lighting. Works with a WiFi router, so there is no need for a HUB. You download the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Search Jinvoo and the title of the app is “TUYA.”

Are You Ready to Start Coloring Your World?

Wigbow’s Color Changing Smart Bulb features a night light option. You can change color temperatures from 2,000K warm white to 9,000K cool white. Your light brightness changes as you slide your fingers across the desired color brightness range.

The Smart Bulb is white. Similarly shaped to an incandescent. Works with 110 volts and is a 60-Watt equivalent and energy efficient consuming only 6-Watts. Also, the bulb is dimmable. It is the third generation smart bulb manufactured by Wigbow. Comes with a 12-month warranty from date of purchase and has a 40,000 hour(s) lifespan.

When you want a Color Changing LED light bulb and are looking for a budget-friendly, you can’t beat Wigbow’s Smart Bulb. The marketplace is flooded with all types of light bulbs that change color. If you want a color-changing light lamp but don’t want the added expense of adding a bridge. Wigbow Color Changing Smart Bulb makes an excellent choice.

My Take on The WigBow Smart Bulb

I bought the Color Changing light bulbs for my man cave and my grandson’s bedroom. Setting it up was simple. I have a Google Home device for voice commands. Note the manufacturer recommends that you use Echo. But I didn’t have any issues using Google Home.

I love mesmerizing my grandson’s with the lights when its time for bed or when they are just messing around in their room. I get a kick out of listening to their comments about the light effects. And how they run out to the kitchen where the Google Home is located giving their commands.

The timers for the lighting is an added plus. I set the timer, then the color scene and let them enjoy the rainbow of colors as they drift off.

Also, when we have company over, I can set the lights for a party mood. And I can do all of this without changing light bulbs. The Smart Bulb has memory, so no need to reprogram every time you use it. Just one of the convenient features of WigBow’s Color Changing light bulb.

light fixture

light fixture

Lets Re-Cap the List of Features and Benefits

  • 60-Watt equivalent
  • smart bulb16 Million Changing Colors
  • Voice Control Compatability – Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Remote Control from anywhere in the world
  • Energy Efficiency — (6-watts)
  • Dimmable (2000K warm white – 9000K cool white)
  • Night Light Option
  • Timer
  • No HUB Needed
  • Works w/ WiFi Router / Free App
  • Smart Device Control
  • 40,000 hour(s) lifespan
  • Voltage 110 volt
  • 3rd Generation (improved)
  • 12-month warranty from the date of purchase
  • Free App- search JUNVOO / “TUYA” available from Google Play Store or App Store
  •  Bulb Color- White- Round Shape
  • Connect with one light or a group of lights
  • Budget-Friendly

Another option for color changing lights. See Below



There are quite a few Smart Bulbs available to the consumer these days. Choosing a Smart Bulb can be a little tricky and overwhelming. I know you might be saying to yourself I never heard of Wigbow lighting.

You might be thinking what about a Phillips Hue or a G.E.? Yes, Phillips and G.E. are a household brand name. And they do make Smart Bulbs but by the same token are a little pricey. If you are looking for a Smart Bulb try the Wigbow.

I am here to tell you when I did my research I found the reviews for Wigbow Color Changing Light Bulb very high. In fact, they received a 4.8 Star out of 5 rating. My rating is 98 out of 100. The Smart Bulb has all of the features and benefits of more expensive color changing light bulbs without the added expense.

Please share your questions or comments below.



Smart Bulb, WigBow Color Changing LED Bulb, {A19,6w}, 60-Watt Equivalent.


Ease of set-up


Color brightness


Timer options







  • 16 Million Colors
  • Voice Control
  • Dimmable
  • No HUB Needed
  • WiFi Remote Control


  • Directions for set-up
  • Can be confusing

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Hello, The technology of LED lighting is evolving every day. LEDs are environmentally friendly compared to a CFL or fluorescent tube. A CFL and Fluorescent contain a hazardous material called mercury. These bulb require specific recycling procedures so the environment or humans aren’t contaminated. 

To answer your question about LED automation. Yes you can change the color of the Wigbow smart bulb by using your smartphone or smart device. It is accomplished by an app that is downloaded to your device. 

If I can help you in the future please contact me.



Thanks for you selecting this idea.
Actually, I also don’t know regarding this Wigbow lighting Smart Bulb, we know CFL, LED and fluorescent tube light like that for home usage. anyway, that good informative idea. I think this will be a good look for the ceiling when I use.
I thank you.  For providing such information. And I’d like to ask about the color. Can it really change using the mobile phone, is that true?
I wish you the success

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