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Christmas Laser Light Reviews

My quest to find the perfect Christmas laser light for decorating my home without climbing a ladder wasn’t an easy one. There are hundreds of different kinds of Christmas laser light options.

Some laser light show creates Christmas decorations that project Santa, snowman. Stars, and Christmas trees. Other’s project Star showers of red, blue, and green lights.

All are beautiful. Many have a variety of preprogrammed variations, lights, and figures that fade, twinkle, and strobe. I need to know what Christmas laser light show projector would be the best for my home.

I like you started to question my friends and neighbors about the laser lights they had. I researched as much information from my queries as I could. And there was a piece of information that seemed to ring true with each person I interviewed.

They all had the same question for me. What type of landscape did I have in my front yard? I told them that I had some bushes and a few tall trees. The answer to my quest was since I had trees and shrubs in the front yard that it wouldn’t make much sense to get a laser light that would show figures.

Suggesting that I should get a Christmas Laser light that projected points of lights. Rather than a laser projector that would emanate different Holiday figures. Because the hedges and trees would distort the Santa, snowmen projected by the light show.

After thinking about it, I agreed with their suggestions. So I went on the hunt for an outdoor laser light show that would shower my home with red, blue and green patterns. I also wanted a laser light show that I could use for a particular occasion. Such as Birthdays, Halloween and party celebrations.


My quest soon ended when I came across these two Laser Light Show projectors.

First is LEDMALL makes a Laser Light Show.

LEDMALL has eight patterns in one, has colors of red, green, and blue. (moving, firefly patterns, flash, static)

RF Remote controlled / 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours timer. ( no need for a separate timer)

2,500 square foot coverage / with security kit (included)

Comes with a power plug 5 feet long (no electric extension cord needed)

Has a stake for outdoor set-up and a round base for indoor set-up

Can be used indoors or outdoors. It is easy to set-up and simple to use.

The Outdoor Laser Light Show is a plug and play device.


The second Laser Light I chose was the Green/Red X1000 by WinterGreen Lighting. Another fabulous indoor or outdoor light display. I have a dark space behind some trees and shrubs that needed some Holiday decorating. I placed it and projected the laser lights to cascade up the limbs of the tree. An electrifying light illusion as the points of light travel up the limbs. The breath of firefly lights covers almost one hundred percent of the limbs.

The WinterGreen product has an auto setting for the red and green laser lights. Or single color select.

It comes with an extension plug and might require an electric extension cord. I used an extension cord for both for my display application.

Remote control to make the lights still or static fast or slow, fade, flash. Works great to light up my tall trees. The trees haven’t any leaves on them, but the laser lights travel up the branches creating an electrifying kaleidoscope of color.

The remote has a 2,4,6,8, hour(s) timer similar to the LEDMALL Laser Light Show.

The laser light comes with a stake and round platform for outdoor or indoor use.

Covers 300+ feet light display.

Available from WinterGreen Corporation or

Both units made of commercial grade materials. Are waterproof and will last for years.

Christmas Light Show Review Summary

A week has passed, and the Christmas Laser Lights are performing beautifully. Both have lived up to my expectations. They were easy to set up.

My neighbors have volunteered many compliments on how the laser lights are so bright and, the images are crystal clear. They’ve asked why I chose these particular laser light shows rather than ones that project pictures?

I then shared the information that I researched from friends and co-workers. How, if you have a lot of shrubs and trees the image laser show projectors would have distorted images. And using the laser points of lights would be the better choice.

But, if you didn’t have any obstructions that the image show projector or the points of lights would give you two options. Either one would work well. Depending on the scene you were trying to create.

ladder safety

Safety for Old Timers First

I explained to them that since I’m getting older, I don’t want to get on a ladder to hang lights. I don’t want to set up a ladder with the chance of slipping or falling off. Or having to get the ladder out to take down the lights after the Holidays are over.

And packing several light strands up and storing them for next season. Now I have two boxes to save for the Holidays or any other special occasion. Whether a birthday, wedding or party in my backyard. And both contain several thousand lights.

I just drive the stake into the ground or install the Laser light projector on the round platform. Plug it in and choose the light display for the occasion.

I’m not spending hours hanging lights or setting up for special events. I spend an hour if that to set up my light displays. Without the risk of an injury or worse.

What I want to say to you is that these two Laser Light Displays work very well together. Of course, you have to choose the Laser Light Projector that suits your needs. LED Christmas lights are energy efficient and have a long life. Years of enjoyment in a small box.

I can tell you if you decide on either one of the ones described in my review that I believe that you will agree that both are worth the investment.

I’ll leave you the links so you can check them out for yourself. Both will complement any landscape or home celebration.

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I hope you found this review illuminating!




Ease of set-up


Color brightness


Timer options







  • Plug and Play
  • Red Blue and Green Push Button
  • 2,4,6,8, timer
  • Metal construction, waterproof
  • Use indoors or outdoors


  • None in my opinion

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