Using 7 Interior Lighting Ideas Strategies Like The Pros

light emitting diodeThomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb in 1879. Since then, we have seen the light bulb evolve into what it is today. An energy efficient light-emitting-diode. LEDs offer fascinating ways to utilize the best interior lighting ideas.

This evolution is due to the Department of Energy’s enacting the energy efficient standards of 2007. Edison’s incandescent light bulb had superb illumination but was extremely energy inefficient.

Incandescent light bulbs were the first on the Department of Energy’s hit list to phase out. And soon manufacturers were left with the task of meeting the new efficiency standards. Continue reading “Using 7 Interior Lighting Ideas Strategies Like The Pros”

5 Ways LED Light Bulbs Work for Us

Want More Money? Start a Revolution! 

You can join the revolution to change your light bulbs. Most households have approximately fifty light sockets that still have traditional incandescent light bulbs installed in them. And three- quarters of them have inefficient light bulbs.

The light sockets containing traditional light bulbs are costing consumers more money each time they turn them on. So why aren’t consumers taking advantage of the saving money with LED light bulbs? Continue reading “5 Ways LED Light Bulbs Work for Us”

Why Light Bulbs Are The Secret Ingredient

We know that sunlight affects us in subtle ways. Sunshine gives us energy, improves our mood and is healthy for us. Did you know that light bulbs work similarly?

The illumination of light bulbs emits the same spectrum of colors produced by the sun. Light bulbs you choose can zero in on the specific colors of the light spectrum to set the atmosphere in the room. Continue reading “Why Light Bulbs Are The Secret Ingredient”

Fluorescent light

GE Bright Stik


You flip the light switch, and the light doesn’t work. Upon further inspection, you determine the fluorescent light has burned out. You get in your car and drive to the hardware store. Make your way to the lighting aisle. And become overwhelmed with the number of choices.

Guaranteed No Stress LED Light Bulbs

When you have to replace your compact fluorescent lamps, you start to wonder what the best option is? Should you replace them with a CFL or a LED. Did you know CFL’s (compact fluorescent light) bulbs are starting to be phased out? Continue reading “Fluorescent light”

5 Surefire Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Actionable Tips to Reduce your Utility Bills

The temperature has reached ninety degrees for the fourth day in a row. Heat Indexes are over one hundred degrees. And Heat advisories posted by the National Weather Forecasters. Summer is here. And your power bill is climbing as the thermometer rises.

Trying to stay healthy and cool can be a real challenge. With all this heat how can we lower your electricity bill? First keeping the blinds closed on your windows and doors will reduce the solar heat transfer. Continue reading “5 Surefire Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill”

T8’s-T10’s-T12’s Light Bulbs


t8 t10 t12

How To Improve Old Fluorescent Lights in 60 Minutes

What is involved in replacing old fluorescent light bulbs with LED light bulbs?  Which fluorescent replacement light bulb will give you the most bang for the buck? Or will you have to buy a whole new light fixture? The answer is NO!! Continue reading “T8’s-T10’s-T12’s Light Bulbs”

Make LED Light Bulbs A Reality


farm animals

I lived on a farm when I was a young man. My family had a 134-acre farm located in the southwestern part of Indiana. I can remember my Father always reminding us to turn off the lights. High bay lighting in the barn used 250w-400w metal halide. The workshop and sheds had fluorescent lamp fixtures in them. He would say when you go into a room you turn on the lights. Why can’t you remember to turn the lights off? Continue reading “Make LED Light Bulbs A Reality”

Color Changing LED Lights

color changing lights

How to Handle Every Color Challenge with Ease

I don’t mean repaint every room. I’m talking about your lighting. All you have to do is upgrade to color changing LED Lights. MagicLight brings color changing lights and music to enjoy in every space in your home. Continue reading “Color Changing LED Lights”

Best LED Flood Light Bulbs

seasons by light bulbs

 The Best LED Flood Lights For Backyards

With winter fading away. We are all looking forward to spending time outdoors. Getting our gardens ready for planting. Having family and friends over for barbecues or just relaxing and socializing.  Whether you’re inside cooking or outside grilling, we know how important good lighting can be. Continue reading “Best LED Flood Light Bulbs”