Here Come New Ideas For LED Light Bulbs

Do you love LED light bulbs? But can’t seem to find the LED light bulb that would compliment your light fixture. Discover LED lighting that transforms any room into the desired look you wish to exude.

2017 light designers offer many choices to brighten up any space. And 2018 will be no doubt be a stellar year to bring us stylish interior lighting decor. No matter what your tastes, you might have. Continue reading “Here Come New Ideas For LED Light Bulbs”

LED Technology for Lighting

Now that the Holiday’s are almost over and a new year begins. We make resolutions to help us reach weight goals. Have you thought about how to reduce our electric power usage? Thus, reducing our utility bill. One of the easiest ways to do that is to invest in LED light bulbs.
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Why is Energy Star Important?

If Energy Star Is So Terrible, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

I couldn’t believe my eye’s when I saw the headline that President Trump wants to cut the Energy Star program. Energy Star has worked for the past 22 years saving over $ 300 billion on utility bills, reducing greenhouse gases more than 2.4 metric tons. Energy Star is the force behind energy efficiency. Did you know that 1.6 million homes 25,000 buildings are Energy Star Certified? And over ninety percent of households believe in the Energy Star Program. It is on everyone’s mind to save energy and protect the environment. Continue reading “Why is Energy Star Important?”

Modern Home Lighting


exhausted from work

You come home after a long day at work. You finished dinner and just want to relax. Turn off the lights. And light some scented candles. Sit down in your favorite chair. And let the days stress, strain, and anxiety wash away as you melt into your chair.

What if there was a way you could schedule your lighting to set the same ambiance? Continue reading “Modern Home Lighting”

Save Money Fast

Want to Know How to Save Money Fast?

Did you know that switching to LED light bulbs is the fastest way to trim your monthly budget? Your lighting makes up the majority electric bill. By just replacing your incandescent lights with energy efficient light bulbs. Continue reading “Save Money Fast”

60 watt LED Replacement

60-watt replacement

The LED 60watt replacement recommended the best. After careful study, I found the Philips SlimStyle equivalent 60watt Dimmable Soft White (A19) Led Light Bulb to rate highest among equivalent 60watt LED replacement for traditional incandescents. Continue reading “60 watt LED Replacement”

Energy Saving with LED Light Bulbs

incandescent light bulb


Energy saving with the LED light you can implement today. How many incandescent light bulbs do you have in your home? As of January 1, 2017, incandescent light bulbs will be banned per the Department of Energy regulation forever. Only a few incandescent light bulbs are still exempt which include the oven light bulb, rough service light bulb, and bug lights. Continue reading “Energy Saving with LED Light Bulbs”