10 Interior Lighting Ideas

Interior lighting is a critical aspect of every home interior design. From one room to another, you can manipulate the interior atmosphere of your home to suit your living needs.

The possibilities in interior design are endless. Interior lighting designers have become more inventive than ever before. Most of the latest models are inspired by past trends while others feature futuristic styles. Continue reading “10 Interior Lighting Ideas”

Top 3 Under Cabinet Lighting Designs

Learn Everything About Under Cabinet Lighting

Did you know that increasing your home value can be as easy as installing under the cabinet lighting? You might already know that kitchen renovation is a great place to start improving your homes property value. Though, it can become an extremely costly renovation.

Of course when you can’t afford to renovate your kitchen but still want to make your kitchen “POP!” What are your alternatives? Continue reading “Top 3 Under Cabinet Lighting Designs”

3 Ways to Master Modern Interior Lighting Using LED Lights

In the previous post, I talked about trending 2018 home interior ideas for decorating. Today, I would like to share with you what is coming your way of choices for light bulbs in 2018. Moreover, the LED light bulbs you can use for those light fixtures. Continue reading “3 Ways to Master Modern Interior Lighting Using LED Lights”

Using 7 Interior Lighting Ideas Strategies Like The Pros

light emitting diodeThomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb in 1879. Since then, we have seen the light bulb evolve into what it is today. An energy efficient light-emitting-diode. LEDs offer fascinating ways to utilize the best interior lighting ideas.

This evolution is due to the Department of Energy’s enacting the energy efficient standards of 2007. Edison’s incandescent light bulb had superb illumination but was extremely energy inefficient.

Incandescent light bulbs were the first on the Department of Energy’s hit list to phase out. And soon manufacturers were left with the task of meeting the new efficiency standards. Continue reading “Using 7 Interior Lighting Ideas Strategies Like The Pros”

Modern Home Lighting


exhausted from work

You come home after a long day at work. You finished dinner and want to relax. Turn off the lights. And light some scented candles. Sit down in your favorite chair. And let the days stress, strain, and anxiety wash away as you melt into your chair.

What if there was a way you could schedule your lighting to set the same ambiance? Continue reading “Modern Home Lighting”

Wireless Dimmer Switch

Why Mom was right, No Contractor Required!

I’ve wanted to install a dimmer switch for my downstairs family room forever. The lighting in that space is too bright for watching television. So I went on the internet, and soon I found the Philips Hue wireless dimming switch kit.

Get Better Lighting Experience for your home and garden.

dimmer switchThe family room downstairs was remodeled, and I’m not an electrician. I wanted something that was going to be easy to do for my lighting needs. Without rewiring the light switches. The Philips Hue wireless dimmer switch was the answer to my dilemma.

This switch is not only wireless, but it can be expanded up to ten lights. Of course, you would need the Hue Bridge to make that application work.

That is what I ended up doing. Continue reading “Wireless Dimmer Switch”

Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Home Theater


Home Theater Surround Sound

Would you like to have a home theater surround sound in every room in your home? Well, you can!  The Sengled Company has released the Pulse LED Light Bulb Kit that can transform any room into a home theater. The Pulse Bulb Kit can customize any space without significant construction. Continue reading “Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Home Theater”