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Obama Administration makes one more decision to improve energy efficiency lighting. The 3-way incandescent bulbs are going away. And soon to be included in the Department of Energy’s list of bulbs to be phased out. It will not involve bug lights, oven lights.

Back in 2007 when the light bulb ban went into effect most of the incandescent light bulbs were determined to be not up to the Department of Energy standards. Only leaving a few light bulbs at that time exempt from the ruling. Which included bug lights, 3-way lamps, rough service bulbs. Congress exempted bug lights, 3-way bulbs, rough service and some decorative bulbs (globe shaped).

The law gave the Department of Energy the right to expand the class of lamps by mandates. The Department of Energy published on January 19, 2017, redefines the words to include the 3-way bulbs. And to add other types of bulbs. The Department of Energy now claims the 3-way bulbs need to be involved in the ban.


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The 3-way bulbs use three filaments to produce their brightness but were determined to be not energy efficient. As consumers have been scrambling to use the 3-way bulbs to replace the traditional incandescents they are currently using. With the complaint that LEDs are still too expensive to use as a replacement incandescent and fluorescent lighting.


Some light bulbs remain exempt such as bug lights and oven lights. The ruling doesn’t take effect for three years. The feeling is that light bulb manufacturers will be moving forward to comply with the new decision.

The information researched from an article by the Washington Examiner, Timothy P. Carney who is a political columnist written on 1/19/2017.

The Alternative

LED light bulbOne equivalent LED replacement 3-way bulb 50w/100w/150w  which is manufactured by Phillips retails for around $17.00.

Lasting 22.8 years based on the 3 hours a day at a .11cent Kwh. Depending on your rates and use will differ.

The LED will be (2700 color temperature) Soft White warm, 620/1600/2200 lumens per watt.

It has a lifespan 10,950 hour(s) (see packaging for specific warranty details) and gives 360-degree lighting.  Instant on and a direct fit for any 3-way bulb replacement.

Energy Star rated

The reviews give it a 4.0-5.0 rating, and 92 percent of the reports recommended this bulb.

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