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Best LED Flood Light Bulbs


 The Best LED Flood Lights For Backyards

With winter fading away. We are all looking forward to spending time outdoors. Getting our gardens ready for planting. Having family and friends over for barbecues or just relaxing and socializing.  Whether you’re inside cooking or outside grilling, we know how important good lighting can be.

Have you thought about updating your lighting?

Modern landscape lighting and home lighting has evolved incredibly with the introduction of LED light bulbs.  You have the opportunity to choose the Best-LED flood light bulbs for your home. Or outdoor landscape and garden spaces. 

Interior or Exterior LED Flood Light

Hyperikon’s (BR40) LED Lightbulb, 15w (100watt equivalent), 1340 lumens, 4000k, (Daylight Glow), CR90+, Floodlight, medium base (E26), dimmable, Energy Star.

Size: 6.4×4.8×4.8 inches

Warranty: 5-years unlimited

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

After reading the description of this LED floodlight, did you notice the CR90+?  As you can see from the report, the bulb has a color temperature of (4000k) Daylight White.

It is a bright floodlight. When you flip the switch, or it is motion activated the floodlight is instantaneous. It will seem as if the sun just popped out from behind a dark cloud.

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Characteristics Unique to This LED Floodlight

This floodlight has a unique feature.  The CR90+ component used in this LED will dazzle your environment. (CR refers to color rendering) Colors will be radiant. CR90+ is as close to the natural light of the sun.

CR90+ with an R9 value is a measure of the red colors in the light from the sun. The sun has a CR100 value. It will help you see your environment in a whole new way. It is a component that artist, hospitals look for when they are considering the light bulbs.

Your grocery store knows about this element because CR brings the best out of the produce or meat products they are displaying. The color rendering (CR) helps us see better. You are exposed every day to CR and probably haven’t even noticed it before.

The R-9 value of this floodlight has some utility companies offering rebates, because of the positive R-values of this light bulb. Another way upgrading to this LED Floodlight can benefit you.

Other Ways You Can Benefit 

The Hyperikon floodlight is an indoor or outdoor lamp. (must be used in an enclosed fixture when outdoors) This floodlight does resist moisture but will fail if exposed to a wet environment.

Or use with an enclosed light fixture to keep the moisture off of the bulb. Depending on the application you want to use this LED floodlight, it will make colors gleam in any space you decide. Your lighting in your home unique compared to all your neighbors.

A variety of applications for this floodlight is the kitchen, living room, bedroom and dining room but can be used anywhere where you want the colors of your decor to shine. Whether inside or outside.

The amazing part is you will have control of the brightness. The floodlight is dimmable. You will have complete control of the ambiance you desire, from radiant to a faint glow. (100 percent to 20 percent)

Energy Efficiency

It is 84 percent energy efficient, reducing your energy usage. (100watts using only 15watts) Instantly saving you money when you turn it on. Replacing your lights will become a thing of the past because this LED will last forty-five thousand hours. That is about 21 years. (3hour(s) a day)

Color temperature is Daylight Glow (4000k) 1340 lumens. This flood light produces little heat. Operating in most environments (-20 to 130F)

Easily twists into an E26 socket base. Have options of either a 4-inch BR20, 5-6-inch can light fixtures BR30 or BR40. Hyperikon offers you a five-year unlimited no hassle warranty. 

Customer reviews rate it at a 4.5 out of 5 stars. (81 percent would recommend this product to a friend)

Energy Star Badged LEDs

This floodlight has the Energy Star Badge. Energy Star puts a variety of light bulbs they test through a series of rigorous testing to ensure the consumer assurance of quality.

Hyperikon’s LED floodlight also is UL-listed, FCC, and RoHS Certified. With these badges and certifications makes this LED light bulb the Best LED Flood Light Bulbs on the market today.

With everything you just learned about the Best LED Flood Light Bulb you now have the choice to get the best today. Upgrading to this LED Light Bulb can save you money and time.

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6 replies on “Best LED Flood Light Bulbs”

Hello, Joe
Thanks for responding to my latest post. Yes, you should factor in all the qualities so that you are completely satisfied with the product. You mentioned solar. Tesla is manufacturing a flexible solar panel that you install on the roof. Also, a prominent University is experimenting with a solar panel that works in complete darkness as well as in the sun. The solar panel they displayed was a 12′ square that you applied to a window. The solar panel produced enough electricity to power a 1200sq.ft. house.
You are a student of solar panel technology. I believe you are going to be blown away with what will be on the market in the next few years. The University is applying for a patent for their new invention. It won’t be long.
If you have any questions regarding your next upgrade for LEDs I would be happy to help.

Hey Kevin
I have been replacing my bulbs with L.E.D. Basically just buying whatever has the best price.After reading the article I think quality should also be a factored in. I am wanting to power my workshop with solar and a windmill.L.E.D. will help a lot with that project.It won’t take to much power for L.E.D. Bulbs.

Hello, Mike

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your assessment of my new website. I am happy to hear that you are saving money using LED light bulbs. I have upgraded my lighting about six months ago. My power bill has shrunk 30 percent. I am currently looking into wind turbine generators to further offset my energy usage.

If you have any questions about LEDs in the future feel free to contact me.


Hi Kevin, thank you for all the great info on your site for LED bulbs, alot of great useful information, and I have to say, I use LED bulbs in every light in my home and when I switched over, I easily save $50 per month on my power bill. Your site looks great and its easy to read and its easy on the eyes. Keep up the great work

Hello, Nico

Thanks for stopping by. The issue for the consumer today is the enormous amount of LEDs on the market today. Remember, when you are shopping for LED light bulbs, you want to compare watts to lumens. Traditional lightbulbs use watts and LED light bulbs use lumens for brightness.

The reason for starting my website was that I was in your shoes. Walking into HomeDepot and feeling overwhelmed with the choices available. Trying to find someone to guide me in making an informed decision.

I know that the Hyperikon’s LED flood light is a great choice. This LED will compliment your home, landscape or yard. The component of CR (color rendering) enhances the colors of any space it is shining on.

Just a reminder, if you do decide to use this lamp for your landscape that it requires an enclosed fixture or one that will keep the moisture off the lamp.

If I can be of service in the future to answer any questions you might have please contact me.


Have you thought about updating your lighting? Definitely is a YES from me. I’m always thinking to update my outdoor landscape lighting but there are too many options out there for us to choose. It’s really good that i came across to your site and read through your post here. The info that you shared is very useful to me, which you covered just nice on both the technical and practical info. Perhaps i should go and get a few of Hyperikon’s (BR40) LED Lightbulb to try out.

Nice work and thanks!

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