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Best Home Lighting Automation

Want to give your home a fresh look? Updating your home to the 21 century is simple with home lighting automation. How can you do it?

Replace your traditional incandescent light bulbs with

LED Smart bulbs. LED light bulbs are not only energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint. But over the years some LEDs are interactive and intelligent. Are you ready to learn about Smart LED bulbs?

Types of Smart LEDs

interior color changing light bulbSmart Bulbs vary in connectivity.  Most Smart bulbs need a home automation hub (Wink2) to link your smartphone. Other Smart bulbs connect directly to your smart devices with Bluetooth, but with Bluetooth, you’ll have limited control unless you’re in the range of Bluetooth. LIFX models eliminate the hub and connect your phone and tablet directly via WiFi.

Smart Bulbs adds your personal touch to a room. Unlike the incandescent light bulbs of yesteryear. They can customize the ambiance of any space in your home. Also, adding safety and security to your home.

Smart Bulb Selections for the 21st century

The Phillips Hue Starter Kit is, in my opinion, one of the best options to get started. Phillips has a selection of Phillips Hue White, Phillips Hue White, and Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit. (Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit)

Both Starter Kits are a great way to start. Though, the Phillips Hue White and Color is a little pricey. And the Phillips Hue White is more budget friendly.

C by General Electric
There isn’t a need for a Hub. C by GE works with an intuitive app which makes it a breeze to set up and use.

Cree Connected LED Bulb
Is a Smart Bulb that is affordable and also simple to set up too, it casts a soft white light.

LIFX Color 1000 
LIFX is colorful as well as bright light bulb. It links to WiFi, no need for a HUB. Comparable to the Phillips Hue White and Color is expensive to buy.

GE Link Connected LED Light Bulb
The GE Link Connected LED is a Smart Bulb that is budget friendly and another household best.

Wigbow Smart Bulb
Wigbow color changing LED, A19, 60-watt equivalent.
The Wigbow doesn’t require a HUB (voice control) and is compatible with Alexa/Google HomeKit. It is dimmable and remote controlled. Wigbow Smart bulb works with your WiFi router.

The Wigbow is the Smart bulb I started with when I converted to LEDs. I use them indoors as well as program it for outdoors. I love playing with the millions of colors. The Wigbow is one bulb does all type of Smart bulb.

These are just a few on the market of Smart LED bulbs out there to choose. There are pros and cons with each Smart bulb. You are going to have to decide which Smart Bulbs would fit your personal preferences and budget.

 Let’s Get Started–Smart Bulbs with a Hub

Finished downloading yet? Now you are just a few taps from taking control of your light bulbs. After downloading the app, you can manipulate your lighting with your smartphone or tablet. You are just a few taps from taking control of your lighting.

Setting lighting schedules that welcome you when you arrive home or when you are away. Smart bulbs offer a level of convenience and safety never seen before. You will also have the option to change the color temperature and colors of your lights.


Other Attributes of Smart Bulbs

Also, you will be able to control your lighting remotely. Some smart bulbs use geofencing. Geofencing works with the GPS on your smart device pinpointing your location. Moreover, some LED Smart bulbs sync with select games, movies, and television shows.

If you have an Amazon Echo, Google Assistant or an Apple's HomeKit? If you do, you will be able to control your lighting with voice commands. These devices are superb partners for controlling multiple lights with a companion apps.

Companion apps let you arrange the bulbs in groups, managing colors, and the brightness of a group of light bulbs.  Just be aware that when you are selecting your Smart bulbs that they work with Echo, Google Assistant or Apple's HomeKit.

Moreover, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and  Apple HomeKit can expand to integrate Smart thermostats, security systems, and other compatible smart devices.

LED Ceiling Lights from $18.50 at


Smart bulbs are reliable and energy efficient. You can customize Smart bulbs for any activity that you are doing. Match brightness, colors, and intensities for reading a book, concentrating on projects, relaxing or if you need to energize. They're simple to use and offer you a new way to manage your lighting from anywhere in the world.

Smart LED bulbs will give you the best lighting experience for any room in your home. Features and benefits, unlike any light bulb you have used in the past.

Lighting and light bulbs will not be dull anymore. You can choose from 16 million colors to set the mood. Program lights to come on and off. Set timers to wake you up and turn off when you go to bed. And help with keeping your home safe and secure. 

 Smart bulbs are the way to the 21st Century. 

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Hello, Ernest, To answer your question about how much you can save over the lifetime of a LED. A 60-Watt equivalent LED will save you an average of just under $6.00 a year per bulb.

A LED will last 13-20 years depending on the use of the bulb. The Lighting Facts on the package calculates savings of a bulb being used 3 hours a day at approximate $0.11 S/kwHR (USA). 

If I can be of further assistance please contact me.

Thank you,


While I knew that using products such as Google Home and Alexa have become extremely popular, I did not know some of these products can be linked to lighting.

The bulbs you recommend pairing with these services are top notch. I’ve had a few LED’s that I had to replace because they did not give off the amount of light traditional bulbs do.

I did have one question: How much money do you save over the life of a bulb?

Hello, Briana, thanks for your comment. Your kind words are appreciated. I love my HUE lighting too. 



You are so on point with this. There are so many practical uses for smart bulbs in addition to the fun stuff you can do with them that they really are the way to go these days.
I have the Hue lights and I love them. We started with the color ambiance starter kit and continue to add more. We have one by our front door and have it set to turn on automatically when we come home so we aren’t trying to unlock the door in the dark. I also use the IFTTT app to link that light to our ring door bell so it comes on when our door bell detects motion at night.
We also have them in our hallway and stairs and keep those set to nightlight mode at night so we don’t have to walk to our son’s room or downstairs to take the dog out in the dark.
Again, great information here so thanks for the article.

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