Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Home Theater

Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Home Theater

February 22, 2017 7 By Kevin

Home Theater Surround Sound

Would you like to have a home theater surround sound in every room in your home? Well, you can!  The Sengled Company has released the Pulse LED Light Bulb Kit that can transform any room into a home theater. The Pulse Bulb Kit can customize any space without significant construction.

Pulse (BR-30) customizes any room without remodeling creating the Best Bluetooth Surround Sound Home Theater just by changing your (E-26) socket base light bulbs. The system is wireless, and it doesn’t require a remote, or power cords. The Pulse Kit comes with everything you need to get started.

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Imagine having a high-quality surround sound system that you can install in minutes.

The Pulse LED Light Series 

Gives you options to start with one room using the Pulse Singlet or opt for the Pulse LED Light Bulb Kit which includes one master, one satellite, and two bulbs. The Kit expands with up to ( sold separately) eight light bulbs(connectivity).

With a Flip of a Switch a Home Theater System o0f your very own!

The system is Bluetooth wireless.  Comes in three beautiful colors Pewter, Candy Apple Red, and Pearl White to compliment any decor. You will be able to adjust the brightness warm to white. The Pulse is dimmable and 80 percent efficient and lasts 22 years.

Pulse LED Light Bulb

  • Wireless
  • Adjust lighting (dimmable)Control volume (full range speaker)
  • Smart device convenience
  • Customize channels for each room
  • High-Quality Sound
  • Brightness 600 lumens (105 degrees light beam angle).
  • Color temperature 2700k, warm white, Ra:80.
  • And 15 watts(light and audio) at peak 30 watts at maximum
  • 100-120 volts of electricity.
    Fits into an incandescent light socket type (E-26) bulb
  • The Pulse has a 1.75 full range high fidelity JBL speaker with a big 13watts \ 8ohm high-quality sound.
  • 25-year lifespan


Getting Started

Twist the Pulse light bulbs into a socket. Download the free App (Sengled by Harriden) from Apple or Google play store available instantly on compatible devices. Just follow the steps. Pulse led Bulbs will work in a can light, recessed light fixture or any large light fixture.

Connect to other non-Bluetooth devices like your TV, receivers, computers. All over the Pulse-Link Adapter included in the Kit.

Bluetooth connectivity to adjust your system on the fly from your smart device to enjoy whole home audio.

You can add accessories like;

Pulse Amp


Now you can now play music, adjust the light, and enjoy your Home Audio System in any room.


Pulse Amp @ $40

Pulse-Link Starter Kit @ $200


There are over a thousand reviews of satisfied consumers enjoying the performance of this Pulse LED light bulb with a surround sound system.

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