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Bedroom Night Light Mimics a Sunset

I have discovered a bedroom lamp night light manufactured by Saffron. Saffron’s Led Drift night light is one of those trouble sleeping remedies that is amazing. Saffron’s bedroom Drift night light imitates the sun setting.

Product: Safforn LED Drift Night Light

Price: Check on Amazon

Available from: Amazon

Size: 6×3.5 x 3.5 inches

Warranty: 30 days

My Rating: 7.0 out of 10.0

How Do You Get To Sleep?

Do you follow a routine? Do you read a good book before turning in?
Well, I have trouble falling asleep. When I have difficulty sleeping, it affects my work and my family. I become extremely irritable and take it out on everyone I’m around.

When you flip the switch, the light works like a general purpose light bulb. Flip the switch; twice the internal processor begins to start the dimming process, dimming the LED night light. It gradually dims the night light over a thirty-seven-minute time frame until the led bulb finally extinguishes itself.

Saffron calls this it’s Midnight Mode. The Drift Led is not a smart light bulb. Drift was designed to eliminate blue light that is emitted by LEDs.

Or you can enable the night light to dim to a point where the bulb has a soft glow. Leaving just enough light to be able to see in the room. Without turning on a light that is as bright as day. Sengled calls this Drift’s night light mode.

As mentioned in a previous post, research has suggested that blue light emitted from Led light bulbs hinders our bodies to produce melatonin which is the hormone that helps us fall asleep.

Get Better Lighting Experience for your home and garden.

Considering The Drift Night Light

Some facts you should consider when finding the Saffron Drift Nightlight LED lamp. Drift is about three times as much as an incandescent light bulb. Even though it dims to night mode, it is not dimmable. Drift’s dimming is automatic.

Benefits Of Replacing your Bedroom Bulbs

There are some other facts that you should be aware. Drift is cheaper than buying a home automation system. It doesn’t require an app to operate. Drift Led night light is simple to install.

The LED bulb will fit into any standard (E-27) light socket. It is a direct replacement(40w), warm white (3000k), 530 lumens, and only uses 7watts.

Drift has three settings, on, full daylight, off midnight mode, and moonlight mode. You can have home automation without using a bridge. Or downloading an app. Drift has a lifespan of 30,000 hour(s). And is eighty percent energy efficient.

To reset the Nightlight just turn it off for a few seconds and then turn it back on. Drift works well for spaces where you are reading or watching television. It works cooler than incandescents and CFL’s.

Drift works excellent with no issues so far. Drift is a durable bulb resistant to bumps and drops.

Saffron’s Drift LED Nightlight is well worth looking at when you have to replace your bedroom incandescents.

Get your Drift LED Nightlight Today!

Drift is a LED light bulb that is 80 percent energy efficient. This LED has some great features. And a way to automate your home without a lot of expense. It is a direct replacement for your 40w light bulbs.

What night lights have you been thinking about?

do LEDs save energy logoWhat do you think about Saffron’s night light?

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Hello, Joe
I will check out the windmill. All this new technology is getting better and smaller every day. The prices for the windmill should drop. I would think after a time. Just like calculators and computers.
Did you know that you can get a LED light that works as a flashlight? The bulb fits into a traditional light socket. When you have a power outage, it can be removed to be used as a flashlight or left in the socket. I had that article just a week ago. I will dig it out and send it to you.
I will be in touch,

We usually have power outages in the spring time with the thunderstorms. We had a bad ice storm in 2007.We lost power for 2 weeks that got me thinking I needed to be prepared.Because I wasn’t. You can check out a windmill out here the earth tech banner bottom of the page. I have not got one yet but seriously thinking about it. They seem a little high priced on their solar panels. But windmill seems reasonable.

Hello, Joe
I found your response interesting. Do you suffer from power outages often? I have been researching wind turbines to offset my energy usage. I have seen the technology becoming better refined. The turbines are becoming smaller and less intrusive. Have you used this type of technology to remedy your power outages? If so, Do you have any recommendations?

I have been switching my house over to led bulbs.Because they are energy efficient.I go to sleep with the light on sometimes this night light would remedy that problem.I have a power inverter and a 12-volt battery for power outages with led lights low wattage I can have lights for two or three days off one battery charge.

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