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Are LED Replacement Bulbs Worth It?

I stood in the in the light bulb aisle at my local hardware store back in 2010. I picked up a four-pack of 60-watt incandescent light bulbs. And I proceeded to the checkout counter. Then my eyes were drawn to the new light-emitting diode.

I asked myself, “is a LED replacement bulb worth it”? I could replace my table lamp with a traditional incandescent or I could opt for a LED light bulb.

I heard some interesting facts about LEDs.

So I grabbed the LED box off the shelf, and I saw the Energy Star Badge and then checked the price. When I saw the price, $39.95 I almost died right there. I asked myself “is paying almost forty dollars for a light bulb worth it”?

Sure the energy efficiency of a LED is phenomenal compared to the incandescent I intended to buy. And the life of the LED will last approximately 17 plus years. But can I justify paying that amount of money for just one light bulb?

To make a long story short, I did buy my first LED back in 2010. And do you know that LED is still in that same lamp? It’s been almost eight years now, and it still works like the day I bought it.

I’ve been buying LED bulbs every time I had to replace a light bulb. And the first lamp I paid almost forty dollars. And over the years I noticed just like computers and calculators the price has gradually dropped.

I can go into my local hardware store now and buy a four pack of LEDs for around $40.00. I can get four for the price I paid back in 2010 for one. Saving me about a 125.00 dollars a year on electricity compared to buying an incandescent light bulb.

I can choose the light spectrum of a LED that ranges from soft white, or bright white. Personalizing the space and how bright I want the room. Soft white is comparable to an incandescent, and bright white is similar to a fluorescent light tube.

The color changing lights are available from Ambilife.

Now I can focus more on function than the price of replacement lamps. And the light-emitting diode technology offers LEDs that are smart, stream music or change colors. You can control how you want the bulbs to perform all from a smart device.

Innovative Companies

Philips and Cree's manufacturers LEDs are leading the way in the LED technology.  With Philips introducing the 60-watt equivalent LED in 2010. And include other businesses such as Sylvania, EcoSmart, Utilitech, and Feit.

Cree is a reputable company with impressive reviews for their lighting products. In May of 2017 Cree released a replacement for hard to access light fixture with their PAR-38 90-watt outdoor flood light. It has a longer life than a halogen and color spectrum doesn't attract bugs.

Both Phillips and Cree offer direct LED replacement fluorescent light tubes. Compatible with rapid start or programmable ballast but will not work with old magnetic ballasts. Thier LED fluorescent tubes use half the energy of versions of old fluorescents.

Consumers win!

As LED technology improves so does the quality of LEDs and customers are taking advantage of the efficient energy savings. Newer versions are released every day. Online reviews and periodicals like Consumer Reports are great reference tools to ensure the best choices.



led light bulb 60w equivalentNote that it takes a little more effort to choose the right LED. For the application, you wish to use the fixture you want to install it in. You will have to read the label noticing the color temperatures, (warm yellow, 2700K) brightness, ( 3500K is a blue light) and if it's dimmable. The number of lumens meaning how bright the bulb.

LED lighting is the consumer's smart choice for replacing traditional incandescents, CFL's (compact fluorescent light), and halogens. LED are more energy efficient durable and will last for years. As mentioned before

As stated before in the previous paragraph, reading the label and considering each application for the lamp or fixture the LED.

Will guarantee your energy savings and enjoyment of this new technology.

I hope you found this article illuminating!

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