Are LED Bulbs Better?

Are LED Bulbs Better?

Wondering if LED Light Bulbs are Worth the Investment? 

If big corporations are converting to LED light bulbs why aren’t you convinced yet? Find out now in this real-life testimonial.

big east university

I’m a Facility Technician for a Big East University. Working for the Physical Plant Office my job presents a new adventure every day. My job entails many different responsibilities to maintain the University.

One of the most important duties is Campus Lighting. Making sure the University Campus has sufficient lighting everywhere. The issues are with incandescent light bulbs, High-Pressure Sodium, and Halogens burn out quite frequently besides not being energy efficient. I would have to make regular tours of the Campus to locate and replace burned out bulbs.

University Saves Thousands of Dollars

The University knows that the converting to LED light bulbs would be expensive to start but would pay for themselves in the years to come. LEDs are energy efficient and have a long life.

Benefiting the University in two ways immediately, one reducing the need to replace the burned out lamps, the second the reduction of power consumption used by the light emitting diodes. Lowering maintenance costs and energy usage.

The University is in the process of updating all the lighting across Campus to streamline energy expenses.

This project is to upgrade the lighting in the dorms and classrooms. It will be the fourth time for a project like this. It started with the retrofit of the fluorescent fixtures replacing the lamp T-12 with a T-8’s then T-8’s retrofitted to a T-5. Then we replaced 60-watt bulbs typically found on campus and replaced with them with energy saving CFL’s.

After a few months, the Physical Plant manager shared that they nearly cut their lighting budget in half. Just in the athletic department budget alone. Incredible don’t you agree?

Now Physical Plant will install LED lighting throughout the entire university facility. Implementing the light emitting diode technology for saving hundreds of dollars a month.

A sustainability goal the University is to provide the best lighting environment for the faculty and students and conserve energy. Involving all the people and educating them to keep expenses as low as possible.

The University stays exceptionally vigilant about trimming energy usage. Always researching new technologies that have an impact on reducing their budget. We all need to make goals for our sustainability goals to reduce our utility bills.

My sustainability goal is to take what I have learned from the University’s and to change all the lights in my home to LED light bulbs.

My Personal Sustainability Goal

Beginning small, because I can’t compete with the Universities budget. I replaced the 60-watt light bulbs with 60-watt equivalent LEDs. Following the color temperature chart to choose the correct brightness.

light bulb color temperature


For instance, 2,700K for rooms that I want to feel inviting, and cozy. Like living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. And a 4,000K for my kitchen, stairways, and garage. I’ll be achieving the same amount of lumens using less energy. Moving forward replacing all the CFL’s with LED light bulbs.

With the introduction of LED technology has been a game changer. Light technology is changing how we see our environment. You now can illuminate any space in whatever color of the rainbow you choose. And you can save money too by doing it. Who doesn’t love saving money?

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I want to help educate everyone about the features and benefits and the diversity of LED lighting available to you. Offering innovative ideas of illumination and how you can start saving money just by replacing your lights!

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