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60 watt LED Replacement

60-watt replacement

The LED 60watt replacement recommended the best. After careful study, I found the Philips SlimStyle equivalent 60watt Dimmable Soft White (A19) Led Light Bulb to rate highest among equivalent 60watt LED replacement for traditional incandescents.

60watt LED Light Bulb

Philips LED SlimStyle bulb has quite a few features and benefits if you are thinking about replacing a 60watt incandescent(s). Let me share with you what I found in my search to replace my incandescents.

Overall Rating: 4.5 rating per the reviews 

Philips (200952p) 60watt Equivalent SlimStyle A-19 LED Light Bulb, Soft White (2700) Dimmable

Price: 4-pack @ $14

60watt replacement/equivalent

UL listed

Energy Start Badge

90 day replacement warranty/ @23 year(s) lifespan. 3hour(s) a day

My Rating: 5.0

My Experience with the Philips SlimStyle LED Light Bulb

I replaced all the traditional light bulbs in the lamps in my living room, dining room, and den. I was happy with the distribution of light emitted by the SlimStyle. SlimStyle has a dimmable feature which works well when watching television. The color (2700) is ideal for reading and working at my desk.

The Flat Shape of The Future

The shape of the SlimStyle is flat which was a surprise, but fits into a medium base fixture without any issues. SlimStyle uses 82.5 percent less energy than a traditional 60watt light bulb. The SlimStyle LED is energy efficient. And has a long lifespan (23 years) which means you will not be replacing these LEDs for a long time once installed.

SlimStyle is UL-listed and carries the Energy Star Badge, Best Buy.

  • No environmental hazards
  • Contains no mercury
  • Extremely durable

However, the SlimStyle, “SHOULD NOT” be used in enclosed fixtures.  The LED doesn’t work with a timer, motion sensor, or photocell.

If you plan using the SlimStyle with a timer for when you are on vacation. I would recommend using another type of light bulb. Like the Saffron Sense Light Bulb. It can be utilized indoors as well as outdoors. Sense Light doesn’t require a timer. It turns off and on as the sun rises and the sun sets. 

The Philips SlimStyle LED does not do well in high moisture environments (outdoors). The SlimStyle LED designed for indoor home use.

To Summarize

Philips 60watt Equivalent SlimStyle A-19 LED Light Bulb Soft White, Dimmable


  • Type: LED
  • Medium Base (A-19)
  • Lifespan: @23 year(s) @ 3 hour(s) a day
  • Brightness is Good/ 810 lumens
  • Efficiency: uses 82.5 percent
  • less energy than 60watt incandescent(s)  10.5watt
  • Light Distribution: Excellent
  • Color Accuracy: Good (2700) Warm White
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Bulb is Flat
  • UL listed
  • Energy Star Badge
  • Best Buy: Yes
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Rating: 4.5


  • Enclosed Fixture: No
  • Outdoor: No
  • Timer: No
  • Motion Sensor: No
  • Photocell: No
  • Not a Smart Bulb

The features and benefits of the Philips SlimStyle Equivalent A-19 Soft White, Dimmable LED Light Bulb, is a fantastic value for @$14.00 for a four pack.

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Having the Energy Star Badge, UL listed, and a 90-day warranty assures you that you are making the right decision.

Added confidence in replacing your traditional light bulbs with LED do LEDs save energy logolighting. Philips Light has a reputation for manufacturing quality.

Any questions or comments you have, you can leave them below.

Hope you found this illuminating about what 60watt LED replacement is right for you.


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