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5 Ways LED Light Bulbs Work for Us

Want More Money? Start a Revolution! 

You can join the revolution to change your light bulbs. Most households have approximately fifty light sockets that still have traditional incandescent light bulbs installed in them. And three- quarters of them have inefficient light bulbs.

The light sockets containing traditional light bulbs are costing consumers more money each time they turn them on. So why aren’t consumers taking advantage of the saving money with LED light bulbs?

ORC International released a report that documented that less than thirty percent of households are implementing LEDs. The report reasoned that the average consumer had limited knowledge about LED light bulbs. And the variety of lighting options available to them. How and why is this happening?

Like most of us, when we go to a restaurant we read the menu from right to left, then we choose what we are going to have to eat. I believe it is the same scenario when we go to purchase a light bulb. We glance at the price and then buy the cheapest lamp. Don’t you agree? 

Led Light Bulbs – Are You Prepared For A Good Thing? 

Even though, the tremendous savings we can experience by replacing a burned out light bulb with a light emitting diode (LED).  Do you know that a LED lasts fifteen times longer and uses on average 80% less energy?  And the cost of LEDs has dropped approximately 20% since there introduction into the marketplace.


Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) were also not well received by the consumer when first introduced. As the Dept. of Energy began phasing out traditional light bulbs. And now CFLs are on track to follow suit.

CFLs eventually were adopted as a go-to lamp replacement. Though, CFLs needed special disposal because they contain a hazardous material called mercury. CFLs need to warm up to brightness and generated quite a bit of heat. CFLs could not dim. An excellent alternative light bulb but had an environmental impact.

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Unlike a LED light bulb which contains no mercury and has a minimal impact on the environment. LEDs come on instantly and are more energy efficient than incandescents. Specific LEDs are dimmable and are designed to be a direct replacement.

Is Choosing LEDs Worth ($) to You?

As consumers learn more about LEDs and start to adopt the light emitting diode technology, they will begin to see how they can save money and the save moneyenvironment.  Saving money on energy usage and maintenance costs by not having to replace light bulbs every couple of years. Do you like saving money?

LEDs once considered to be expensive are now more cost competitive. Prices are averaging about $2 a bulb and in some cases just around a dollar. LEDs will pay for themselves in a matter of months.

The years of 2011-2012, global sales of LED replacement light bulbs grew twenty-two percent. And the cost of a 60-watt equivalent replacement LED fell by nearly forty percent. And by 2030 LED light bulbs will account for most of the global light bulb sales.  

Energy efficient LED light bulbs start to become more widespread by their adoption by the consumer by the year 2020.  Consumers will not only impact their wallets but their country’s energy consumption.

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Projections show that increased usage could save Americans nearly $630 billion in avoided energy costs between now and 2035.

LED technology has a list of benefits you can take advantage of right now. By using LEDs, your power company doesn’t have to build more plants. Research enables you to get better quality products making LEDs more affordable. And LEDs create domestic jobs for the future.

In the year 2012 forty-nine million LEDs were installed saving the U.S. 675 million dollars annually.  In the next twenty-years when we have entirely switched to LEDs will save two-hundred and fifty billion dollars annually.  Reducing our carbon footprint (1,800 million metric tons) and our energy consumption by almost fifty percent.  

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Still wondering if you should join LED light bulb the revolution? 

Wondering how you can find the best information for replacement light bulbs?  Check the LED light bulb box for the Energy Star Badge. Noting light bulbs that earned the Energy Star Badge. Energy Star puts LEDs through rigorous testing.

Assuring consumers the LED bulb they chose is a good quality product. LEDs light bulbs will last fifteen times longer and be more energy efficient.

Explore the expert interview of LED lights. Advantages and Disadvantages of Light Emitting Diodes. The Home page of this website for LED light terminology.  Or go to Energy Star’s website to find the latest information on rebates and all energy-efficient products.

Today, with everything costing us a little bit more. We need to do everything we can to keep costs down. Your lighting is the easiest way to save more money.

So join the Revolution Today! 

I hope you found this article illuminating!

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