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3 Ways to Master Modern Interior Lighting Using LED Lights

In the previous post, I talked about trending 2018 home interior ideas for decorating. Today, I would like to share with you what is coming your way of choices for light bulbs in 2018. Moreover, the LED light bulbs you can use for those light fixtures.

The intriguing part is that consumers do not seem to be as concerned with energy efficiency. As they were a few years ago because they know by using LEDs, they will benefit from the energy efficiency of the technology.

Free Information Resources

Utilizing the information that is provided to them by authorities of light-emitting diodes and energy efficiency. The Department of Energy and Energy Star resources that are free to use. Helping consumers make informed decisions about energy-efficient products.

As technology evolves, consumers are becoming more aware of digital light products on the market. Smart digital products like the Nest doorbell, color changing light bulbs, home automation and home security lights are just a few of the products. That makes us feel safe and secure. It is no surprise that we love being able to program and control our lighting.

Controlling Intelligent Lighting 

Controlling our lights has moved from the traditional wall switch to our smart devices. The capabilities of Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity affords us the convenience of turning our lights off and on and even stream music. Keeping our homes comfortable and safe from just about anywhere in the world.

As the technology of LEDs grows increasingly more intelligent. LEDs are incorporating built-in wireless, connectivity, color changing as well as sensor intelligence. Thus, creating new technology word terminologies such as “IoT” ( Internet of Things) ready and “digital light.” (Digital RGB Light Strips).

The beauty of these innovations in LED lighting technology. The technology is becoming more straightforward to use and less expensive. Also, more comfortable for the consumer to use for home decor.

You can let your imagination run wild for the lighting ambiances you want to have in any particular room or space. Some LEDs can change up to 16 million different colors. Most LED light bulbs are a direct replacement without significant changes or renovations.

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Find The Right Smart Bulbs For Your Specific Home Decor

In my opinion, the lighting we use every day is not thought about very much until a light bulb burns out. We flip the light switch, and as long as it works, we do not give it a second thought.

Until one day the lamp does not come on. So we make a mental note to find the right replacement light bulb. However, what type of light bulb should we choose?

Maybe the light fixture has an incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent installed in it now.

Have you thought about replacing it with an energy efficient LED light bulb?

No matter what type of light bulb you have in mind. There are a few things you should consider before selecting the new light bulb.

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First would be where the light fixture is and what is its function. You want to select the lighting that would match the purpose.

Second the type of light quality and quantity of light. Is the light fixture used for ambient lighting or task lighting?

You can determine the correct bulb by the formula of foot-candle to assess light illumination for a room.


Understanding Light Terminology

A foot-candle is the intensity of illumination of one lumen distributed over one square foot. Its recommended that 30-40 foot candles are quite adequate for a home or office. Moreover, 200-foot candles for accuracy and tasks.

To make this easier to understand you want to think lumens instead of watts. Lumens is how bright a light bulb is whereas watts is the measurement of energy consumed. Watts does not have anything to do with how bright a lamp is.

The efficiency of a light bulb is the ratio of light produced to energy consumed measured as the number of lumens produced divided by the rate of energy consumption.

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Replacement light bulb lumens would be as follows.

Wattages to Lumens would be as follows.

100-watt 1600 lumens             60-watt 800 lumens

75-watt 1100 lumens                40-watt 450 lumens

The amount of brightness you want will determine the number of lumens you choose. Homes and offices vary room to room for the amount of illumination you would require.

The best place to find this information is to see the Lighting Facts Placard on the package. Similarly to food packaging which has all the ingredients posted on the product.

Dept of Energy 101-lumens

A Lighting Facts Label displays all the specific information about the light bulb in the package. It will have the brightness of the lamp measured in Lumens, estimated yearly costs to operate, lifespan, and light appearance (Kelvin) designated by the color temperature ranging from Warm to Cool.  It is a snapshot of the features and benefits of the light bulb.

lighting made easy chart
Lighting Made Easy Infographic

Which Light Bulb Is More Energy Efficient

The lights I will be referring to below have qualified to wear the Energy Star Badge.

The average home utility bill consists of 5-25 percent on their lighting budget. So the easiest way to reduce that budget is to install energy efficient light bulbs.

LEDs are the most energy efficient of all the light bulbs on the market. They are 90 percent energy efficient. 

LEDs use 20-25 percent less energy and will last 25 times longer than an incandescent light bulb. 

LEDs consume 25-30 percent less energy than halogen incandescent and will outlast them by 8-25 times longer. 

LED light bulbs reduce the carbon footprint. Have little impact on the environment. As compared to fluorescents that contain the hazardous material mercury. Also, fluorescent lights require special disposal.

Moreover, LEDs work well indoors as well as outdoors. Most LED light bulbs are a direct replacement or plug and play. Also, you can improve those numbers by using dimming controls, timers, and photocells.

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LED replacements 40-60-75-watt equivalents work well for desk lamps, kitchens, under the cabinet and outdoors. LEDs come in several choices of colors and color temperatures giving you the option of zeroing on particular ambiances.

Specific LEDs are Smart, and you can use them with Alexa or Google Home. Another example would be the Phillips Hue starter kit that comes with a hub.

Let us say you would like to have the features of a 3-way bulb. Also, you do not have a dimming switch.

The Scene Switch LED has all three color temperatures (Warm, Daylight, Cool) all incorporated in one LED light bulb. Just twist it in and turn the switch to the brightness levels you want. Using your current floor lamp or table lamp without the expense of replacing it.


When you want to maintain good quality and quantity of light, and save money. LED light bulbs are the consumers smart choice for light design. By selecting Energy Star Badged light bulbs, you are assured to get the best lighting products on the market today.

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Hello, Toni, You are on your way to understanding LED light bulbs and how they can enhance any room decor. 

If I can assist you in the future please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you, 


Hello, Mr. Kumar, I’m glad you found my post interesting as well as informative. Concerning the LED Scene Switch. Scene Switch is a profoundly versatile LED light bulb for rooms without dimmer switches. Or having to replace light fixtures.

Thank you,


The thing many people get confused that watt characterizes brightness.

You have rightly clarified that Lumens is the measure of brightness of a light bulb. Whereas Watts does not have anything to do with how bright a lamp is but is the energy consumed.

I am really fascinated by the Scene switch LED with 3 color temperatures. I intend to use it when I get my house built soon.

Great info and interesting website.

HI Kevin,
This is a really in depth article, and I must say the piece I love the best is…

“… you want to think lumens instead of watts. Lumens is how bright a light bulb is whereas watts is the measurement of energy consumed.”

I’ll never think in watts again, great info and I really appreciate it
Off to see where I can install LEDs now

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