Simple Smart Home Systems

My son’s next door neighbor sold his house in two days. I saw the for sale sale signsign, and it wasn’t long after that I noticed it was gone. I asked my son if his neighbor changed his mind? He said “no” his house sold. I thought to myself unbelievable!

His neighbor’s house proved to me that the housing market had come back to life. My son told me that his neighbor painted the exterior of the home and the front door. Trimmed all the shrubs and removed all the dead limbs. Along with replacing a few light fixtures.

He also added that he upgraded his thermostat and smoke detectors to new smart home systems. I learned from my research that new home buyers want pre-installed smart home products. Continue reading “Simple Smart Home Systems”

Smart Home Access

Strategies For Beginners

As we get further into the year of 2018 companies like Amazon, want to provide the best customer service possible. With that in mind, they want to access your home or car to drop off packages.

Along with that comes the added stress of not knowing who is entering your home or car. And most of all if they can be trusted. So what are your options for keeping your property safe and secure? Continue reading “Smart Home Access”

Home Monitoring Systems

5 Main Benefits Of Home Monitoring

Home monitoring systems are devices that help enhance the protection of your home when you are at work, vacation or asleep. They include home alarms and sensors, central hub controllers, smart door locks, thermostats, security cameras, appliance and outlet controls, and smart lighting and much more. Continue reading “Home Monitoring Systems”