Dreaming of Outdoor Lighting

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One Surprisingly Effective Way To Outdoor Lighting Did you know you can smarten up your outdoor lighting? As technology changes so do the ways, we light our homes. No matter what the reason you want to convert to smart bulbs. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Color Changing Light Bulb, Review

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My last post was about Smart bulbs and smart home automation. Today I would like to expand on that topic. With the Color Changing Light Bulb produced by Wigbow. It is no ordinary 60-Watt replacement light bulb. Keep reading, and find out what makes this bulb so impressive. 

Top 3 Under Cabinet Lighting Designs

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Learn Everything About Under Cabinet Lighting Did you know that increasing your home value can be as easy as installing under the cabinet lighting? You might already know that kitchen renovation is a great place to start improving your homes property value. Though, it can become an extremely costly renovation. Of course when you can’t … [Read more…]