New Energy Efficiency Standards | T8 32W Fluorescent Tubes

There are changes in fluorescent lighting energy efficiency standards. The new Federal Standards are affecting the use of the 32-watt T8 fluorescent tube.

The Department of Energy is adding the 32-watt T8 to the list of the non-compliant light bulbs. And will affect commercial businesses and manufacturers who use and produce the T8 fluorescent tubes.

The non-compliant T8 fluorescent tubes will no longer be manufactured after January 26, 2018. Continue reading “New Energy Efficiency Standards | T8 32W Fluorescent Tubes”

3 Ways to Master Modern Interior Lighting Using LED Lights

In the previous post, I talked about trending 2018 home interior ideas for decorating. Today, I would like to share with you what is coming your way of choices for light bulbs in 2018. Moreover, the LED light bulbs you can use for those light fixtures. Continue reading “3 Ways to Master Modern Interior Lighting Using LED Lights”

Using 7 Interior Lighting Ideas Strategies Like The Pros

light emitting diodeThomas Edison invented the first incandescent light bulb in 1879. Since then, we have seen the light bulb evolve into what it is today. An energy efficient light-emitting-diode. LEDs offer fascinating ways to utilize the best interior lighting ideas.

This evolution is due to the Department of Energy’s enacting the energy efficient standards of 2007. Edison’s incandescent light bulb had superb illumination but was extremely energy inefficient.

Incandescent light bulbs were the first on the Department of Energy’s hit list to phase out. And soon manufacturers were left with the task of meeting the new efficiency standards. Continue reading “Using 7 Interior Lighting Ideas Strategies Like The Pros”

5 Ways LED Light Bulbs Work for Us

Want More Money? Start a Revolution! 

You can join the revolution to change your light bulbs. Most households have approximately fifty light sockets that still have traditional incandescent light bulbs installed in them. And three- quarters of them have inefficient light bulbs.

The light sockets containing traditional light bulbs are costing consumers more money each time they turn them on. So why aren’t consumers taking advantage of the saving money with LED light bulbs? Continue reading “5 Ways LED Light Bulbs Work for Us”

Why Light Bulbs Are The Secret Ingredient

We know that sunlight affects us in subtle ways. Sunshine gives us energy, improves our mood and is healthy for us. Did you know that light bulbs work similarly?

The illumination of light bulbs emits the same spectrum of colors produced by the sun. Light bulbs you choose can zero in on the specific colors of the light spectrum to set the atmosphere in the room. Continue reading “Why Light Bulbs Are The Secret Ingredient”