Month: July 2017

5 Surefire Ways to Lower Your Electricity Bill

Actionable Tips to Reduce your Utility Bills The temperature has reached ninety¬†degrees for the fourth day in a row. Heat Indexes are over one hundred degrees. And Heat advisories posted by the National Weather Forecasters. Summer is here. And your¬†power bill is climbing as the thermometer rises. Trying to stay healthy and fresh can be…

By Kevin July 26, 2017 2

Why is Energy Star Important?

If Energy Star Is So Terrible, Why Don’t Statistics Show It? I couldn’t believe my eye’s when I saw the headline that President Trump wants to cut the Energy Star program. Energy Star has worked for the past 22 years saving over $ 300 billion on utility bills, reducing greenhouse gases more than 2.4 metric…

By Kevin July 12, 2017 2

Modern Home Lighting

  You come home after a long day at work. You finished dinner and want to relax. Turn off the lights. And light some scented candles. Sit down in your favorite chair. And let the days stress, strain, and anxiety wash away as you melt into your chair. What if there was a way you…

By Kevin July 6, 2017 2