Make LED Light Bulbs A Reality


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I lived on a farm when I was a young man. My family had a 134-acre farm located in the southwestern part of Indiana. I can remember my Father always reminding us to turn off the lights. High bay lighting in the barn used 250w-400w metal halide. The workshop and sheds had fluorescent lamp fixtures in them. He would say when you go into a room you turn on the lights. Why can’t you remember to turn the lights off? Continue reading “Make LED Light Bulbs A Reality”

Magic Gardens

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Want to Step up your Magic Garden? You Need To Read This!

One of my neighbors has magic gardens at his home. He uses the outdoor color changing lights to produce a fantastic light show at night. His whole yard is like a fairy tale storybook. That you would find in one of those fairy tale books we read to our children. People drive by and slow down, almost stop just to gaze at it. Continue reading “Magic Gardens”

Best LED Flood Light Bulbs


 The Best LED Flood Lights For Backyards

With winter fading away. We are all looking forward to spending time outdoors. Getting our gardens ready for planting. Having family and friends over for barbecues or just relaxing and socializing.  Whether you’re inside cooking or outside grilling, we know how important good lighting can be. Continue reading “Best LED Flood Light Bulbs”