1 LED Light Bulb 3 Color Temperatures Review

1 LED Light Bulb 3 Color Temperatures Review

January 26, 2018 6 By Kevin

Refreshing Color That Transforms Room Ambiance

Want a LED light bulb that has a three distinct color temperature?  Then you need to check out the SceneSwitch LED by Phillips Lighting.

The SceneSwitch is a 60-watt equivalent LED that does not require a dimmer switch. SceneSwitch LED changes color temperatures just by twisting or flipping the switch.


How Did Color Temperature Become The Best, Find Out Now!


Twist the lamp switch once on your current lamp fixture. Moreover, the LED bulb emits a cool white (2700K) glow that is compatible with a traditional incandescent light bulb. This color temperature is perfect for everyday lighting.

Flip the lamp switch a second time, and the LED glows daylight white (5000K). A daylight white glow is excellent for working on a project or reading a book.

Turn the lamp switch a third time, and the LED dims down to a relaxing warm and cozy warm white (2200K). Perfect ambiance for kicking back and relaxing in your favorite chair.

The Phillips SceneSwitch has auto-memory. After you turn the lighting off for six seconds and flip back on it remembers the last setting you selected. No need to reset the color temperature again.

Phillips 60-watt equivalent Daylight, (800 lumens) Soft Light, (800 lumens) Warm, (80 lumens) SceneSwitch, A-19, E26 Base.  Environmentally safe no hazardous mercury material.

SceneSwitch LED is flicker-free, instant on natural lighting. Also, it is 25 percent more energy efficient than an incandescent, 50 percent energy efficient than a halogen.

Phillips SceneSwitch lasts ten times longer than an incandescent and four times longer than a halogen. SceneSwitch has a long life (15,000 hour(s) or 13 years. (at 3-hours a day, 11 cents a kilowatt)

Consumes 9.5 watts at full brightness, 8-watts at mid brightness and 3-watts at minimum brightness. Saving @ $94 a year and will pay for itself in about a year.

Also available in a BR30 type light bulb.

No Dimmer Switch Required

Phillips SceneSwitch is one LED that conquers the dilemma of wanting different brightnesses. Without having to install a dimmer switch or rewire current lighting.

(NOTE: SceneSwitch does not work with dimmer switches or Hue products)

The SceneSwitch LED fits into any medium base sockets. You can use the SceneSwitch LED in lighting fixture you already have. Moreover, offers convenience and practicality to home lighting.

Phillips Lighting SceneSwitch comes with a 5-year warranty. Also, if you take the time to register the SceneSwitch LED with Phillips you gain another 5-year warranty. For a total of ten years.



The Phillips SceneSwitch LED
1. Energy efficient. (9.5, 8, 3-watts)
2. SceneSwitch does not require a specific dimmer switch.
3. Has three color temperatures (2,700K, 5,000K, 2,200K).
4. Instant on, no flickering, natural lighting (800, 800, 80 lumens)
5. Use light fixtures you already own (no rewiring or remodeling)
6. Last 15,000 hour(s) or @ 13+ years
7. Bulb types A19, or BR30
8. 5-year warranty or register for 10-year warranty


1. Cannot use with dimmer switches or Hue products.

2. Not a Smart Bulb

My conclusion or the nuts and bolts is the Phillps SceneSwitch is an excellent choice for the homeowner who wants flexibility for their lighting.

That would like to have the capability to change the brightness of the light in any space. Alternatively, not having to replace the switches or lamps in their homes.

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More information can be found here at Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Lighting.

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Phillips 60-watt Daylight, Soft, Warm, SceneSwitch, A19, LED Light Bulb


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