PureLiFi vs. WiFi

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PureLiFi LIFi technology is going to relieve the stress that is now put on radio frequencies. With the increasing amount of data transmission LiFi will reduce interference and have increased the bandwidth. PureLiFi will be safer to use in areas where radio frequencies pose a danger. Also, will enhance data security because of the ability … [Read more…]

Green Bay Packers Light Fixture Renovation

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Light Fixture Hikes Fans Experience Green Bay Packer’s home field at Lambeau Stadium gets a light fixture facelift. To be completed before the start of the new football season. The Stadium has had many renovations since opening over 60 years ago. This upgrade to the light fixtures will reduce the Packer’s the maintenance and electric … [Read more…]

Simple Smart Home Systems

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My son’s next door neighbor sold his house in two days. I saw the for sale sign, and it wasn’t long after that I noticed it was gone. I asked my son if his neighbor changed his mind? He said “no” his house sold. I thought to myself unbelievable! His neighbor’s house proved to me … [Read more…]

Smart Home Access

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Smart Home Access Strategies For Beginners As we get further into the year of 2018 companies like Amazon, want to provide the best customer service possible. With that in mind, they want to access your home or car to drop off packages. Along with that comes the added stress of not knowing who is entering … [Read more…]

Home Monitoring Systems

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5 Main Benefits Of Home Monitoring Home monitoring systems are devices that help enhance the protection of your home when you are at work, vacation or asleep. They include home alarms and sensors, central hub controllers, smart door locks, thermostats, security cameras, appliance and outlet controls, and smart lighting and much more.

Home Security Camera

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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About A Home Security Camera This articles primary purpose is too quickly shed some light on the different types of a home security cameras. So you have a basic understanding of the benefits of wireless and hard-wired security cameras. The first objective of any home security system is … [Read more…]

10 Interior Lighting Ideas

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Interior lighting is a critical aspect of every home interior design. From one room to another, you can manipulate the interior atmosphere of your home to suit your living needs. The possibilities in interior design are endless. Home interior designers have become more inventive than ever before. Most of the latest models are inspired by … [Read more…]

Is A Light Emitting Diode Better?


Proof That Light Emitting Diode Is Exactly  What You Are Looking For! I know, just like most homeowners, you are looking for ways to save energy at home. In your search for energy saving solutions you must have come LEDs, and you must be wondering what are LEDs and how do they save energy?