LED Outdoor Security Lighting

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Light Emitting Diodes (LED) have replaced traditional incandescent lights due to the benefits they provide. If you are planning to upgrade to LED lighting products, then check the following top products with superior security benefits that come with these revolutionary LED outdoor lighting products. L-E-D,’ have you heard these three about these new letters or … [Read more…]

Insiders Guide For Home Lighting Systems

home lighting systems

Wondering How To Make Your home lighting systems Rock? Read This Nothing can make a home look more breathtaking than when it is illuminated at night by a quality outdoor home lighting system. Some people use them above ground, some in-ground, some surround their decks with them, others use them by their ponds or to … [Read more…]

PureLiFi vs. WiFi

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PureLiFi LIFi technology is going to relieve the stress that is now put on radio frequencies. With the increasing amount of data transmission LiFi will reduce interference and have increased the bandwidth. PureLiFi will be safer to use in areas where radio frequencies pose a danger. Also, will enhance data security because of the ability … [Read more…]

Green Bay Packers Light Fixture Renovation

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Light Fixture Hikes Fans Experience Green Bay Packer’s home field at Lambeau Stadium gets a light fixture facelift. To be completed before the start of the new football season. The Stadium has had many renovations since opening over 60 years ago. This upgrade to the light fixtures will reduce the Packer’s the maintenance and electric … [Read more…]